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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reading is apparently NOT fundamental.

The offending character from the Starman/ Congorilla special, the Tasmanian Devil.

I've been checking out reviews of the Starman/ Congorilla issue. And one of things I keep seeing, even here on the blog, is that people are either NOT reading the book, or they aren't comprehending what they are reading. It's crazy.

If you haven't read the issue STOP HERE, spoilers and such. You were warned.

For the record. The Tasmanian Devil was NOT, I repeat, NOT DEAD. He'd been skinned alive and the rest of him was kept in a stasis pod, this enabled him to talk to Malavar the gorilla and build a friendship… if he was dead this wouldn't have happened and the story wouldn't have taken place. There are literally pages of people complaining about this on the DC boards, like 11. Half of them appear to have not even read the story.  If you haven't read something or seen it, try not to make public statements until you do, makes you not look quite so bad;)

Also, complaining about this 'death' is not a review. I'm trying to gauge fan reaction and its difficult when everyone (or mostly everyone) is complaining about something that's not even in the story. If you're going to review things at least pay attention to what you're reviewing and review it!

I don't consider myself a great reader but damn people!

Most of the reviews based on the actual comic have been pretty good, except for the IGN one (and another but I can't remember which one,) that guy hates me, or maybe it's the 'Image' style (I haven't seen a review from the Every Day is Wednesday guy yet, but he like the IGN guy hates my stuff so it's hard to take seriously when they insult instead of trying to be objective.) I've heard that I make the necks too long… My torsos are too long, and that my people are too muscled. Fun, fun, fun!  I never heard the neck thing before, but I tend to like my character wiry so they aren't built like body builders (which might explain the neck thing) more like ripped dancers and athletes. I like for them to be able to move;) And I like my super humans to look, well super human;)

Shout out to the Ifanboy guy, thanks for actually reading the book! I'm glad you liked it.



Update: James has said he was indeed dead but I actually think he's messing with people;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fuzzy gate 2010!

Not really, just some designs that didn't get approved. Basically the same problems I had before, they want the fuzzy 'werewolves' (I can't call them Were anymore since they are just large wolves.) It's frustrating, I'm known for doing Anthros and when I think I might be able to do them I'm once again hog tied. But, the bright side is I can use the main werewolf for myself, and I know just were he'll fit in:)

Oh, just a few wolf fun facts. Large wolves live in cold areas and thus have SMALL rounded ears. The larger pointy ear ones are smaller, and have a good deal of coyote in them. Dire wolves aren't larger than regular wolves, they just have larger heads (for crushing bones) and in some cases are smaller since they have shorter legs than regular wolves. The alpha crap you've heard so much about? Not true, that's all from captive wolf pacts that basically shove a bunch of un-related wolves together, not natural behavior. Actual pacts are small and are usually made up of mom, dad and the kids. Small pacts will get together and form larger temporary pacts during the summer months to hunt large prey or split up even further and get back together when the weather turns colder. Basically what I'm saying is this, if you write about wolves, actually read about them.



Friday, July 2, 2010

Not scary enough?

One of the problems I seem to encounter working on these novel adaptions... Scarism. There is this new trend in books to make the werewolves all wolf like, like Twilight or whatever one of those the werewolves appear in . The people who dislike the vampires in these kinds of books call them 'Sparkly' which is really funny, especially if you've seen the Secret of Nimh. Well I'm calling these new 'werewolves' 'Fluffy'. You see the authors want them scary yet pretty, they have bought into the spiritualization of the wolf and decided that that would make the perfect werewolves for their books... just make them larger. The problem... well spiritual crap is just that... crap. Turning an animal into something it's not. So drawing these things based on real wolves constrains what I can do with them. If they are supposed to look like wolves I have to make them look like wolves. I have several good books with good images to use for reference on them. But for some reason these wolves fall flat when brought to the page. Not scary enough.

This werewolf wasn't scary enough. It wasn't looking the woman it was menacing in the eye. I think the tongue bothers them, they've never seen this behavior before so they think it's NOT scary. Well it is scary, it's a warning, usually around food (which is what was going on here.) I've seen my dogs do it and the one thing they don't do when doing it is look another dog in the eye, that way they can sneak attack. Plus it reminds me of the snake tasting the air, creepy. So what the real problem is is that no one actually reads about wolves and their behavior when doing these books. They just emulate what other writers have done before. So here I come with reference and background drawing something accurately and I get told it's wrong... GAH!!!!! Sometimes things need to be changed from a book, it just doesn't translate well.

That is all.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm Front #8 page 10

It's got toad legs! I'm just about ready to start the second half of this issue, but I now have to do another Frankenstein cover, 4 more pages from #6 and possibly some more Vampire Huntress covers... Oh, and a promo piece that I can't mention yet. Busy, busy!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Circus of the Damned #3, Werewolf and Backlash 12 cover backside!

Hmmm, I think this might be a bit dark on here. Circus of the Damned #3 cover featuring Richard. ETA: Yes, it was very dark so I fixed it. ~Jess

Quick sketch of 'wolfen' style werewolf. I can't mention what it's for yet.

The flip side of the Backlash 12 cover featuring Serge and Machinot ( I think it's spelled this way Mokinaught,) with Lilitu and her man servant guy, Jess says his name starts with a 'Z'. Thanks to Mondo for scanning and sending this to me:)

More stuff soon. I have like 4 more Stargate covers and 5 more Anita covers that are done.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mammoth Man

Not my favorite image, next time I'll stick to a more centaur look. Sometimes even I mess stuff up;)



Friday, April 9, 2010

Rachel Morgan and White throated Black Jaguar... Again.

This is for Sean, I'm not sure which Cheetah couple you want... are they more human looking or like this one?

For the people on the Rachel Morgan Fansite, Rhombus.

We keep getting hits for it so here's another picture. It's been posted before but I have NO idea where it is, the Blogger search function... sucks.

Thanks MuffinHunter!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andrewsarchus anthro

An ancient relative to whales and goats, this might have been the largest mammalian carnivore found to date.

I approached this one a bit different than the other ancient beasts. Usually I find some good restorations and work from there, this time I actually started with the skull and added the flesh to that. The head shape is odd for modern mammals but it was similar enough that I could flesh it out rather easily. It's known only from the head so the body size is speculative, but it's relatives had proportionally larger head than modern carnivores.



Oh, and the Dinosaucers thing is now dead. Why redo something lame when you can come up with something better and new:)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

White Jaguar Anthro

When I was a kid there was this cartoon on, I think it was called Sheena or something. In the show she had a white jaguar named Ghost. Thus the image, I couldn't bring myself to do a totally white animal so I put a few spots on her;)

Edit: After some digging it was called Jana of the Jungle.... Horrible!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another I thought I posted, Thylacosmilus

A marsupial sabertoothed animal from South America. They had stubby little legs, that's why they are short looking.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rhino Anthro

See I told you I had one;P

Original Richard, RatKing and Dominga's monster desgins

Dominga's monster. I actually got to draw part of this on the cover to 15:)

Richard, from Circus. He's on a few covers so far so look for more if him. Alpha werewolf.

And Rafael, King of the wererats. I did a modified version of this for a Guilty Pleasures cover. I didn't have rat reference so I used squirrel and modified it back to rat.



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Anthros...Frogs, Buffalo and Gazelle

I could have sworn I uploaded these here, but I'm not finding anything with the search function. Let me know if I'm wasting my time!

A tree frog.


A gazelle faun, similar to the satyr's of old:) Sorry if these are a bit dirty, I didn't copy the clean tiffs over from the old hard drive.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pterosaur guy

NOT a Dinosaucer, but a regular anthro that I did a few years ago. Notice that it's much cooler;)

I just finished the last Percy Jackson book. It did not disappoint! Unlike a lot of books now a days that have final battles that end in 20 pages, this ending took half book. Fricken awesome! I'm even more pissed I can't draw it now!



Friday, March 5, 2010

More Dinosaucers...

A new bad guy design of an Agustinia, I'm thinking of calling him Augustus or Caeser...

The awesomely named Tricero... I think I might push to change the name to Trike.

His anthro form.

I had to do the Bad guy, Genghis Rex. I wanted him to look a bit more 'primitive', thus the different stance.

That's all for now. We wait for colors and then see what Sony and Cookie Cutter says:)