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Friday, June 1, 2007


Someone asked for some Anita sketches or studies. i don't really do those. These are the closest I have. They were done as roughs, we had a lot of problems finding artist for the Anita Special. Everyone is under contract with someone. So for a brief time I was going to do roughs like this and we'd find someone else to do the finishes. So if you're feeling artsy go ahead and try;)

These also appeared in the Anita Sketchbook.

Once again, if you click on the image Zombie raisers and the Undead will appear;)


Lcfr said...

...and i guess that certain someone that asked for Anita sketches is me.. :)

Thanks for the quick update Brett.

In my personal opinion, sketches and studies are an essential part of a succesful comic run. You can actually see the book, behind the curtain... if you know what i mean..

Would hurt for more ofc... ;)

So.. thanks again and have a nice weekend.