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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Proof that gay marriage is good!

So that idiot of a moron Rick Santorum is spouting some new lies, only this time he got caught (I doubt he'll care since lying is this guys real religion.) In a great Dispatches from the Culture Wars post, he is an every an all ways refuted. In fact gay marriage is GOOD for regular man-woman marriage.

Who would have guessed?

Also, if you are dark skinned you may need to take more vit. D. You might be low.

Frankenstein makes the Wizard Market Watch list.

More art later this week, I have to scan some stuff:)




MileHighGayGuy said...

Been a big fan of your work for years. Now I'm a fan of your social views as well. Sweet.

MileHighGayGuy said...

There's probably a better forum to post this question but here goes: are you still doing commissions or selling sketches? I bought some animal people from you several years ago and would love to get my hands on some more!

Thanks and I'm loving the Frankenstein work.

Brett said...


I think everyone should be treated equally....until they do something stupid;)

Did you see that NY is now going to recognize Gay Marriage? And that polls now show that if they do put it to a vote in Cali it would pass. So it looks like a slam dunk for equal rights, woohoo!

As for commissions, I'm no longer doing them, I just don't have the time.

Welcome to the blog!



MileHighGayGuy said...

Thanks, it's great to be here.

Too bad no commissions for me but glad to hear yer keeping well busy!

Big ups to my native NY for taking that step!

DamonO said...

Heh, Rick Santorum. He's the former (thankfully) U.S. Senator who infamously claimed that gay marriage would eventually lead to such things as "man on dog" sex. Fortunately, Pennsylvania wised up and voted him out of office in 2006.

Brett said...


I really don't know what these guys are thinking. I still don't see how gay marriage can lead to beastiality, or the fall of civilization. It's just plain silly;)

Oh well, now if we could only get religion out of politics.... It just tend to screw things up. But if we did, then what would the media talk about?;)



Marcus Hooker said...

I find the whole "marrying an animal" thing completely offensive and ridiculous. I don't understand how these people can claim to love America (a country founded on so called "equal" rights) and then deny every one the right to marriage.