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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I suck again!

I happened across this today: The Annotated Anita Blake: Vampire Victim.

I read a few of the posts. These guys REALLY don't like me. It's good for laugh and I needed one:)




Anonymous said...

i think my favorite comment is " i hope you never run into brett i a dark alley". like you would even give this douche the time of day.


Brett said...

I found that amusing as well. Like I would bother looking up his name an tracking him down when I could go out to eat;)



Robin said...

Those assholes just don't get your style or your interwoven sense of humor through your art. People tend to take shit waaay too seriously...

I, for one, gagged with intensity when I discovered you were doing Anita Blake, and I think your personal style fits the atmosphere of the first couple of books very well.

You keep it up, dude.

Don't let the man keep you down!

Brett said...

Hi Robin,

The guy works at a comic book store so I think of the Simpson's comic store owner while I read it. Makes it MUCH more fun!

Don't worry at least they didn't call for my death! That's a step up!