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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stolen artwork... again

It's a bit old, but this was published in a book called Freaks! in 2004. Written by Steve Miller, whose a friend of mine and a regular commenter.

Well someone on DA basically redrew this (that's cool, it was in a how to draw book!) And turned her into a tiger by simply drawing spots instead of stripes. The version in Freaks! had a bra thing added so as not to expose the kiddies to breasts.

This was brought to my attention because the Furry/Anthro people HATE and I do mean HATE art thieves. I usually get a few of these a month. It' not a big deal, basically of you use someone else's art you give them credit saying after so and so. I've done myself. But the person who drew the stolen image basically is saying they never saw the book Freaks and that there's is original (I was not a part of this conversation but since they now refuse to abmit they took this from my original I have weighed in.) I don't have a colored version of this (It was not colored by Jess or myself for the book, but it is on page 43.) So I'm posting this here so I can link back to it.

Here's a link to the stolen image if you're interested.




Anonymous said...

I think that total crap. I have been following your work for years and think it is a travesty that my access to your cool artwork has been hampered by such an arsehole. Totally non cool.

Steve Moylan

Brett said...

Well all new art (as well as old) will now be posted here. So just check in every few days or once a week. Feel free to chat, I try to use this like DA (it's not a easy but a bit more personal.)



paperfetish said...

I started following your blog because I saw you left DA (I understand your decision). I'm sure this is cold comfort, but the copy was taken down.

We'll miss you on DA, but am glad we can follow your work here.