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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Truth in Polling...

Found via Pharyngula, original website here. I feel like this cartoon is speaking only to me;)




Andrew Olson said...

Just once more on these matters. I ordered the lion king poster from zazzle. This is a passage from Cremo's Human Devolution:

William W. Howells, emeritus professor of physical anthropology at Harvard University, and one of the chief architects of the modern theory of evolution, wrote to me on August 10, 1993:" Thank you for sending me a copy of Forbidden Archeology, which represents much careful effort in critically assembling published materials. I have given it a good examination...Most of us, mistakenly or not, see human evolution as a succession of branchings from earlier to more advanced forms of primate, with man emerging rather late...To have modern human beings...appearing a great deal earlier, in fact at a time when even simple primates did not exist as possible ancestors, would be devastating not only to the accepted pattern. It would be devastating to the whole theory of evolution."Yes and it would demand an alternative hypothesis. Howells went on to say,"The suggested hypothesis would demand a kind of process which could not possibly be accommodated by evolutionary theory as we know it, and I should think it requires an explanation."

Praise for Cremo's Forbidden Archeology includes this from author Graham Hancock:

"I believe this book to be one of the landmark intellectual achievements of the late twentieth century. It will take more conservative scholars a long while,probably many years, to come to terms with the revelations it contains."

Phillip E. Johnson, University of California at Berkely, author of Darwin on trial, writes of the abridged version of Forbidden Archeology:

"A stunning description of some of the evidence that was once known to science, but which has disappeared from view due to the 'knowledge filter' that protects the ruling paradigm."

"War on Science", indeed.


Brett said...

Hi Andrew,
Sorry I had a massive headache yesterday.

The thing is you can't separate the religion from the 'science' in this. He has decided something (that his religion is true) before looking at the evidence. SO, because he 'knows' it's true he will only see what he wants to see. His only evidence for humans older than a million years is a mortar thingy? No actual bones that haven't been reworked? Nope.

Sometimes nature makes things that look like man-made things but really aren't. Old style anchors come to mind, as does the 'Biminy Road' Off the Bahamas (there's also some strange angled 'structure' off the coast of Japan.) These things all have natural causes. Evolution has been proven with fossils, genetics and simple observations. If it wasn't true the medicines tried on mice wouldn't work on humans. The fact that a modified chromosome and a few new/modified genes separate us from chimps is pretty darn solid to me.

The ONLY reason people refuse to accept evolution is religion. Evolution is a fact and it shapes all of biology and medicine. without it we'd be in far worse shape than we are now.

Oh and thanks for the poster, I don't really get much for that stuff, like $8.00 every 6 months.