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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JLA 58 cover!

This hasn't been inked yet so the colors are temporary. Ships in June! Just finished 56 on Sunday and I'll be doing the cover to 59 today.




M.O.R said...

This is really cool. I can see that it is already at the post-flats stage, but it looks really cool. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

I just noticed, but if a visitor came to your blog and saw the "due to the current troll infestation..." warning, they might think you had done a Charlie Sheen. Considering how he has been ranting about trolls and other things. Just saying, not that I think you have done a Sheen.
Just thought it was funny.

Francisco said...

Wow it's just amazing definetely love it... and there is Zauriel in the Back YEAH!!! you are doing a wonderful job in this series really the way you make Tazmanian Devil in the Congorilla/Starman, and bringing back some characters like Acrata, Bulleteer and Zauriel just made me want this book more and more I just hope you can make a Crimson Fox cameo in the book for sure I will LOVE YOU MORE...

steve said...

I dig this, for some reason I've fallen in love with Red Tornado.