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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Internet UP!

Well the local guys seem to be quite a bit better than the home office;) Got a brand new dish and modem:)

I will try to get to the comments in the morning!




steve said...


Now we want some new artwork!

(we sure are fickle.)


Pure Aka said...

Great to see you back C:

My best friend and I have been following your art, particularly your dinosaur related artwork, for a long time now. It's inspired me to draw them more myself. I do hope you don't mind much if I use your drawings as slight references. It's nicer to see fleshy ones than to try and use a skeleton to draw from. ;)

Keep up the good work!

David said...

Who is your service provider? I ask because my in-laws are out on a lake and can't find a dependable internet service.

Brett said...


Hopefully tomorrow:)

Pure Aka,

Always happy to get people to draw Dinosaurs!


Hughesnet is our provider. It's about $60 a month for the basic package.