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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Teen Titans 3 teaser image

 Posted this on twitter to see if I could start some question and answer dialogue. Worked for about an hour then I guess people got boarded with me;)

New bad guy from TT 3, which will be out next week!




Fatboy73 said...

Looks like Cy-Gor from spawn, or maybe a funky version of Grod?

Fatboy73 said...

So it's kind of a Steampunk gorilla looking thing?

Belmonte said...

Cool dessing.
Can't wait to see it full body and coloured.

steve said...

Awesome design! looks like the Brik-A-Brak creature (sort of a Swamp Thing made of computer parts) I did for my Marvel Deathlok submission.

Brett said...


No gorilla, or it's not intentional.


Next week!


That's pretty much what he is, a junk monster.



S said...

Looks cool. BTW I just saw the previews for TT #3 looks great. Could you show us a sneak peak at issue 7 cover?