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Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Sketch Satuday, Nightwing and then some TT art!

Yes Nightwing again, I was going to do Cass Cain but I didn't have any comic with her in them, so I just picked the first comic I had and it was Nightwing. I did unintentionally smash a bug on this, I worked it into the gargoyle thing... But sill...

And DC put up this page from Teen Titans 10! Inks by Norm Rapmund!

Please note, I'll be in Phoenix next Saturday to attend the Phoenix Comic Con so there will not be a sketch.




Dave Irwin said...

Your art + Nightwing = a comic nerd's wet dream! REALLY HOPE you get to work on "Nightwing" sometime real soon! :)

Brett said...

Haha! It's already got bug goo on it, anything else would be far too messy;)

But I'm hoping to get a chance at some Nightwing goodness at some point:)



Kaden said...

Love these! ESPECIALLY Nightwing.

yipeng said...

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