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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week Superman and Doomsday!

So, what's new?!? Well I'm no longer drawing Nightwing, bummer. BUT I am going to be taking part in DC's Villans Month event, I'll be drawing Batman/Superman 3.1: Doomsday with Greg Pak writing! So this was just me messing around... it's OK, needs a bit of work, he's not big enough.

And here is this weeks Sketch Saturday offering, Superman! 

Sketch Saturday should be back to full strength starting this week, JLA is done and the Doomsday issue isn't due for awhile:) I'm just finishing up some Trinity War alt covers:)




Unknown said...

I'm bummed you're not drawing Nightwing anymore. I thought your artwork suited the title perfectly. Honestly, you've done some of my favorite drawings of Nightwing now.

That being said though, that design for Doomsday is sick. As is your art for Superman. I'm not a big fan of the whole Villains month thing, but I might have to pick up that title.

BluePrint said...

Well what title will you be working on now as the regular artist because now that you're not on Teen Titans and Nightwing I'm really being deprived of your awesome art man.

M.O.R said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving Nightwing. A lot of folks noticed how you gave Dick that little smirk he had when on patrol. Showing that the guy enjoys his work.

I like the designs you have here, but I think Doomsday has a little too much Loki going on in the design. (And yes, I know there were many, many more folks who have similar designs, besides Loki, it's just he immediately sprang to mind) Now, if there were a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse kind of thing going on, where Doomsday had 3 siblings, I could see this guy being a part of the team.

The superman piece feels like he has just emerged from a sonic boom, and that's pretty awesome.

Unknown said...

I thought I recently saw the official "New 52" Doomsday look on another website... he had incredibly long arms, pants, and shoes(?) Are they mandating a look across the board like was done with the different artists who do Superior Spider-Man, or is a rocky monster allowed to have different forms when being drawn by different artists? I like yours better than what I saw, for what it's worth.

Gavin Cross said...

I need to silently mourn for a sec that you're leaving Nightwing. Ok. Deep breath. I think I can move on.

But seriously, I was super excited when you joined the team. But I know you have some exciting stuff ahead of you.

That'll be cool to see.

My main character is a Batman nerd. Not a massively creative stretch given that I'm also a Batman nerd, but worth mentioning.

We Batman Nerds

Unknown said...

By far the sickest DoomsDay piece I have ever seen! I can't wait to see it finished. Its got so much raw power. Bam! It should be the new look for Doomsday.

By the way I completely disagree with M.O.R saying it looks like Loki I dunno if he is referring to the pose which is a fairly standard pose or the fact he has horns and it makes him think of his helmets. Sorry M.O.R I think you wrong. Boom!

Anyways those are my 2 cents of the day or night which ever time u end up reading this.

Take care Brett

PS: Keep up drawing awesomeness!

M.O.R said...


It's an opinion, and one I am entitled to, so...bam?

And yes, it was the horns that reminded me of Loki. They are distinctive, even if there are many creatures in the world who have a similar shape of horn on their heads.

Unknown said...


LoL, I like sound FX! KaPow!

You're entitled to have your opinion and I'm allowed to disagree with it! BaDaBoom!

I look forward to reading more post's from you so I can strongly disagree with them (I'm kidding! lol) KloNK! (That's an old 1966 Batman sound fx, from the TV show)