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Friday, February 29, 2008

Others with some common sense...

Sometimes I fell we're the only people on the planet left with common sense. Luckily I occasionally read the blog Dispatches from the Culture War. It's a fun blog that has some sense. I read this today:

Gays Want Political Influence; Film at 11

I'm tired of hearing of this 'choice' they make being gay. We know this is a lie. These people are just wired a bit different, no biggie. So they have sex with member of the same sex, who cares, if your not gay you have nothing to worry about. Of course they want to be heard, everyone does.

I don't think you can have a opinion on this if your not gay, you can't ever know what they actually feel or are compelled to do. So stop trying to force your beliefs on them! Even if it is a choice (which I don't believe, the facts are pretty clear. We have a number of animals that also seek same sex relationships, bonobos, dolphins and goats to name a few) who cares? It's their lives, they can do as the please, it hurts no one. Oh and the child molesters are almost exclusively strait, except for the children.

And I'm done;)




Anonymous said...

Actually child molestors are not near exclusively straight. Read about the Catholic priest molestation cases. They are incorrectly labeled as child molestation cases when they are almost exclusively homosexual encounters. I believe the stat is 81%

a) In almost all cases, the victims are teens, not children.

b) In almost all cases, the victims are boys, not girls.

c) Among homosexual males, the behavior doesn't begin in adulthood. Often he's "initiated" as an adolescent.

In any case this either shows this group of sex offenders to have a bent toward homosexual behavior or they are not child molestors at all and are seeking young adult homosexual encounters.

Animal behavior is never a guide for human behavior unless you think it also okay to eat your young or kill for breeding rights.

If anything all research points toward homosexuality is not gentetic, but more likely linked to environmental reasons. Otherwise 100% of identical twins would have same sex attractions.


Brett said...

Why did I know you'd be the first to comment on this;)

Educate yourself, here is a nice page from UC Davis on the subject no Christian propaganda needed:

I never said it was genetic, and I agree it's beginning to look environmental, but that would be the environment in the womb. With it all falling on Mom's release of hormones affecting the Y chromosome.



christopher said...

I am not going to pretend that gays don’t bother me or that I support gay marriage…sorry, I am not a politically correct person.

Your right, its not a choice as to who is gay or not and it is wrong to pretend that someone can just switch it off. They are free to live their own lives and I have known some really nice gay men in my time…not so much women though…but living just 60 miles from San Francisco, I don’t support any race, sex or custom forcing their views or beliefs on me-shoving it in my face every chance they get. It is way to open here in California and I think it is that odd-out-there behavior is what rubs a lot of people the wrong way, including my self.

I’ve always viewed gays from an evolutionary point of view. We as a species, no species, can exist with a large gay population. It is a malfunction in our hardwiring in the brain. We are just very complex machines and sometimes, a circuit gets crossed. And sure some animals do have homosexual tendencies, but I don’t think they would even count for 1% of the animal population. One thing, don’t tell me when the day comes like in Gattaca that when we can choose the sex, weight, height and intelligence of our babies that any parent is going to say, “I don’t mind if my son grows up gay.”

As for the priest, I don’t think it is very fair to say that the majority of them are sex offenders. Its like saying that the majority of cops are bad, that most baseball players take steroids and all Blacks are in gangs. In any group, no matter how large or small, there will always be a % that can’t be trusted and will do terrible things. It is just when these % appear in groups that we are taught to trust and admire that we begin to feel like the entire group is corrupted.

FYI Brett, I thought for years that you were gay, based on some of your late 90’s male drawings and what some people had told me. Then I heard about Jess and I was like…damn, he married a woman! Ok..nvm ;p

Brett said...

See how the post has degraded;)

Basically this is about equal rights, not sexual preference. You can't have special rights for some and less rights for others in a free society. It goes against the basic principals of this country.

Which pictures made you think I was gay? I don't care, I'm just curious:)



christopher said...

Ah lets see... *digging through Brett Booth art folders*

Just random...Caracal...Ibizan Guy...Jackals...Lynx Guy...NeddidGuy...Salawa...Thylacine...
ABVH_ST_Paddies...too name a few.

You have plenty of nude chicks too but you always seemed to have a keen interest in male anatomy more...even the family jewels, and making your men seem less powerful and more feminine...(or as my mom used to say, very pretty men ;p )which most artist don't bother with. Had a few comic book guys tell me you drew like that because you were gay...not sure if they were just being rude or thought it was the truth.

Jess said...

Christopher, Brett learned a long time ago to play to his audience. There are a good number of women and gay males among his fans, and the furry world in general is very gay oriented, or maybe just not rigid in regards to sexuality. I cannot speak for gay men, but in general, women do not like big, burly Superman types, they prefer more lithe Spider-Man types, and Brett has learned to play to that.

True story: Many years ago (Brett and I have been together almost fourteen years) when we were first dating, I think Brett was working on Backlash #2, and I told him Backlash was ugly, because he had a sort of broken looking nose and low forehead. If you look at the early issues of Backlash, you can see that suddenly Backlash gets a lot better looking. There were always almost as many women as men at our signings and Brett starting doing things to appeal to, and reward, those fans. There was an image of Backlash in a towel in some issue of Wildcore that Brett did for his female fans; we got some complaints from the boys on that one.


christopher said...

And that is why Brett is so good at what he does Jess. My own mother has always loved his work a great deal, and she doesn't follow any comic book artist, but every time I get a new Brett Booth picture, she is always like, "Let me see...oohh that one is sexy." namely when Brett did Darkness for a few issue, she was gushing over how he drew Jackie and Ripclaw, two of her fav Image characters.

Michael Turner is a master at drawing women, so he has a lot of male fans, which I am certain why Brett has a lot of female fans (and yes, gay fans) for the way he draws men. And I did like his later Backlash pictures, namely when he was doing Wildcore.

For me, I would rather my women be better looking then men, as women are the most beautiful creators on this I tended to eye Taboo more then Backlash ;p So I never really focused on men in my own studies. called me Christoper..every time a woman calls me that I am in trouble...hope I didn't offend.

Brett said...

LOL! I never would have gotten to do Anita if I didn't draw the 'pretty' men. But as Jess said I play to the audience.

I don't really care what others think so next time someone says I'm gay just agree with them;)I love yanking peoples chains:)

Anonymous said...

Dolphins can be gay? I wonder which hole they prefer...


Brett said...

That I'm not going to answer, I try not to pry into the sex lives of others;)

Anonymous said...

Remember homosexuality was considered a psychological abnormality until it was sued out of the psychological medical journals. There's science for you. When there isn't enough facts for your point of view rather than do more testing just get a lobbying group and sue!

Anyways I'm all for equal rights for homosexuals, just not special rights.

Also there are thousands of stories of people leaving the gay lifestyle and becoming exclusivily straight, so at the very least some can choose. Factor in the higher rate of drug/alcohol use, disease, and other negative problems facing the gay community you begin to see they are anything but gay (happy.)

Society needs to start loving the gay community and reaching out with them to help rather than just beating them over the head. Homosexuality is morally wrong, but it shouldn't be singled out as the greatest sin. Fear casues too many people to not even try to reach out to these people.

Chris, I wan't saying the majority of priests are child molesters, in fact they have a much lower percentage of offenders than say a profession like teachers.

Brett said...

Could that because it's NOT a mental disorder and keeping it as one in those journals add an additional stigma? Hmmm....That would make sense;)

I'm all for equal right but until everyone is treated equal the weak in number and power must be protected.

You keep saying this but everything I've read says the exact oposite. these poor people either wind up killing themselves OR do it on the downlow and they usually just don't have sex anymore. If some are cured then it IS possible they are Bisexual and not gay, so for them it would be a choice.

Once again WHY does the gay population have higher rates of drug/alcohol abuse? Maybe because they are always being discriminated against, beaten or killed? I might drink too. I don't think it's morally wrong myself but morals are a personal thing.

So we are all in agreement that they should have the same rights as everyone else like marriage, or the right to lobby. Sounds good:)



christopher said...

Equal right...hmmm..Hard one.

Do gays have the right to be treated as equally as everyone else in the eyes of the law? Yes.

Should they be discriminated in the work they shouldn't.

Should they have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...yes

Gay Marriage tell you the truth, I don't support gay marriage and frankly, I really don't know why.

Two same sexes getting married don't affect my life at all, but there is just something that really rubs be the wrong way about it. I don't know if it is because every time I see a gay marriage it is treated like a joke...or it could be because of our nation's protestant roots...whether or not you believe in god, which you've already covered Brett, but still those old values are embedded in most people in one form or the other. Or simply because I feel marriage is probably the most important event in the lives of a man and women...but as I said, I've never been able to put my finger down on why it bothers me. When I can't do that, I tend to just go with my first reaction, which is normally is not positive.

And I didn't mean that you Steve said that all priests are child molesters. I was just speaking in I have heard that said more then once.

Brett said...


You don't have to agree with it. that's a personal opinion, but if you truly believe in equal rights then they have the right to get married, divorced, remarried, whatever;) No one said you had to like, just accept it.

I know some of these marriages are a bit over the top, but I think all marriges are over the top and HUGE waste of money. A small wedding amongst friends is the best way to go. But marriage is so hyped up it now has to be this huge event. So these gay couples want it to be bigger than life since the whole US will be watching.

Jess and I got married by the Justice of the Peace. We had a bar-b-Q the next day. Very simple.



christopher said...

Now get divorced lol, that is certainly everyone's right.

The good thing about this country is, we as a people will decide whether it becomes legal or not. If we do. I'll vote no if giving the chance and I want like it if I lose, but I am not going to be on the picket lines or gay bashing which I don't do anyways. I would accept it fine if that was what happen. So far it hasn't happen yet in this state...I am certain it will though soon enough.

And a bar-b-Q, now that is the way to go ;) Your in Texas, that is a way of life. Never been but most of my family is there.

Brett said...

But Chris you missed the point. According to the constitution EVERY American has the same(equal) rights. To deny some those rights goes AGAINST everything this country supposedly stands for. Basically this issue has already been settled in the Constitution, which is why Georgy Boy wanted to make a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Someone just needs to challenge it. If you deny them this right you are denying them their freedoms. You don't have to like it but in a free secular society there has to be some give an take. You don't see me telling people they can't go to church even though I find churches immoral. I concede the fact that some need the church. I don't like it but you have that right:)



Mountaineer_Elf said...

Huzzah to the 9th Ammendmant. You cannot offer a right to a certain group and not have it be available for another. I'm not why should I be for or against gay marriage? Why should I have a say in it at all if it's not a direct affect to my life or the lives of others? I have no say, and neither do the Christians and religious groups that are also not gay. (To put it bluntly.)

I'm for it by the way. I mean...if you're so worried about it being morally wrong, stop watching the OC, Laguna Beach, etc, and seeing the degradation of our society through American television. To me, those shows and most of what's on TV is a LOT more traumatic to our society than allowing two people of the same sex to get married.

I grew up as a Christian, and though I've learned the ways of the world and they don't point in that direction for myself, do you really think that Jesus walked up to a homosexual person and said "God has shunned you because of what you do to the temple that is your body."...of course not! It's not our place to judge, lest we be judged.

If you're gay and in this country you have the same exact rights as I do. Same thing for African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Irish, Italian...etc. I agree that there shouldn't be special rights, but until we get fair ones we shouldn't even worry about the additional benefits.

But...if they're wicked awesome benefits I'm switchin' over. :)


christopher said...

Well like I said, it is just my view and it isn't going to change.

So, why do you think though if it is every gay's rights to marry, then why can't they in most states or all across the country? Is there any real argument as to why, beyond an religious one, which isn't good enough...or is it just a wide general feeling that bugs a lot of people?

Brett said...

LOL! I'll have to see if I can find this interesting take on homosexuality from Coupling. I does mentions some benefits, at least for the virginal types:)



Brett said...

Jess thinks it's the 'ick' factor of anal sex that puts guys off. But it's not like these are running around rapping other men. I'm sure some of it is ignorance, some people just don't know a homosexual much less are friends with them. People fear and hate what they don't know or understand.

I went to collage with a large gay population so it's not a big deal to me. Plus it does have it's perks, no mood swings, and you won't have to worry about headaches;) Sorry ladies I just couldn't resist!



Anonymous said...

I think the fact that gay relationships tend to be shorter than hetero and non-monogamous tends to put off most people and should be enough to stop the idea of gay marriage. It would sure make divorce lawyers rich, but it would slow down the legal system for the rest of us. Not to mention how medical care would skyrocket.


Brett said...

Uh, Steve where do you get this information, The fact that over 50% of regular marriages fail and thats usually due to cheating doesn't seem to enter into thinking. Men are promiscuous. It' how we're wired. And jut because they sometimes go outside the marriage doesn't mean they are cheating for the partners have an agreement. So more than 2 people relationships are evil too?

You do know when you get divorced that you have to pay the court costs on that? Since we haven't allowed these people to get married yet we cannot no what their divorce rate will be. your making assumption based on prejudice.

As for medical costs....WHAT??!!?