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Sunday, April 6, 2008


Or possibly just a REALLY big Allosaurus. So I bulked him up a bit:) Named by Edward Drinker Cope, it was originally thought to be a sauropod. This guys about as big as T. rex, around 40 feet.

I got half of that darn Cowboy commission done, it's a double page spread so I'll scan the first part and post it.

Nothing really new here, been a sleepy week. I got the last 2 rafters for the roof up but it's been so fricken windy I can't put the plywood on yet:( And I started Frank 3.

I'll upload the cover to Frank #4 tomorrow:)




Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, general question if you could answer for me...would be a great help.

What is the name of the general artist agreement contract you might get for your work? What does it normally entail? And are there any special clause that are important to take note of?



Anonymous said...

Most companies have a standard contract they use. Some points may be negotiable, some may not. What kind of contract and terms you accept will depend on you; your own desires and needs, and how much you want the work. You may, for instance, give in on certain clauses if you really want (or need) the work.

At this time, for instance, Brett will not sign an exclusive contract. Period. He will get the artwork back unless other compensation has been arranged. A payment schedule must be agreed upon and stuck to.

I would take special note of non-compete clauses and make sure that any such clause will not cut into your ability to make a living. Also payment schedules, to make sure you will get paid in a timely manner. You'll want the ability to terminate the contract without penalty for reasonable things (such as non-payment) as well.

Anonymous said...

I really like the slight facial expression on Epanterias. I HIGHLY recommend you KEEP the color palette for this one. That is an AWESOME color scheme. Is that navy?

His eye matches perfectly too. Damn, your coloring jobs only get better.


Brett said...

Hi Raid,

That would be blue;) I have no idea what colors it is exactly since i don't use a specific pallet. I just play it by eye;)

I like this one better than my last allosaurus:)



Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess, you helped quite a bit.


Slade said...

Hi! Love your Dinosaur, can I have permission to use the image to represent a character's pet in a forum RP I'm in? At the same time would to mind if I made it look red?

My E-mail is