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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cowboy monday

So I found a bunch of old sketches I did for DabelBrothers, these are a few years old and done quickly for the book Red Prophet. They were never used. So I'm using them now! After reading all the bigotry from this author on his blog/website I will not do anything for him again.

But drawing the cowboys was fun.




Anonymous said...

i love the handle bar mustached cowboy. i'd buy a western book by you. hell i love jonah hex.


Prof. Rigeli said...

Hello again, Mr Booth. I have a question. How did you get your blog publicised?

Brett said...

I'm working on a big cowboy commission with Hex on it;) I'll post it when I'm done:)


I didn't I just put it as my web page on my Deviant Art site. That's all I've done. As far as I know only about 10 people actually read this thing;)



Prof. Rigeli said...

I see. I intend my Chronicle to be for all audiences, furry or not. That includes, especially, civil rights activists and members of the Anti-Defamation League.

Thank you for promoting my blog, and supporting the furry fandom.