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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh my dog...

So I just read this. Two year old starved to death

Jeez.... I can't even form a decent thought about this..... THIS is a case where and eye for an eye actually sounds good to me.

On a side, and much less enraging, note. Jurassic Fight Club will now be on Wednesdays at 10 eastern on the History Channel.

A random vampire chick.




Anonymous said...

Eye for an eye sounds great to me...I read that last night, talk about your weird cults, and then what they did to the boy after he passed. I didn't think that queen's and princesses acted that way

Anonymous said...

That is so sad and disgusting. It is a pretty loud cry for absolute truths: somethings are just wrong. I would also say it should stop the universalists who declare it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you are sincere. You can be a sincere wack-o. Not all religions are the same. Cults are so messed up.


Brett said...


Oh I don't know, what about Countess Elizabeth Báthory? Not a queen but close to it;) I'm sure there are way more but my head hurts and thinking is bad:(


The problem is were you draw the line over freedom of religion. When I was a little boy in school I was taught that my freedoms/rights end when they infringe on anothers freedoms/rights.

For some reason we seem to be moving away from this, but these people seem to going to jail for this so at least it's not a total cluster F#@%.

I'd like to agree with you on absolutes but it doesn't appear to be the case, it sort of depends on your culture/ upbringing. Some things we find horrifying, like bride burnings, killing your daughter because she talked to a person of another religion (this is more a culture thing than religious.) Stuff you would never consider happens all the time somewhere. Our culture has just moved away from it. Hopefully other will too, but there will always bee this segment of the population who are influenced by the crazies.

It's a sad thing but I guess that might be an absolute truth after all;)



midnite00 said...

When I first so the picture attached to this post I thought it was a new picture of Taboo (I know it's not though). I still loved your work from way back when though. I'm also digging your new stuff on Frankenstein, and miss your work in Anita Blake.

Everytime I see Ron Lim draw something I always compare it to his incredibly long run on Silver Surfer (the first comic I ever subscribed to)... go figure.

Brett said...

She does look a bit like Taboo:) I always liked Taboo, she was a favorite of mine.

Sometimes I miss Anita, but I try not to dwell on it.

I haven't really seen much of the new Anita stuff. I hope they don't do a Gorilla cover with it like the Marvel Zombie one.



Mountaineer_Elf said...

What do you think of Jurassic Fight Club? I have Direct TV on Demand...and can record them all if I need. I've watched two, but they seems a little corney. I like the fossils and the geologic animations, but the narrator needs to get chopped in the throat. lol

Anywho, all in all it's an okay show. I'll keep watching them, definitely.

Take care!

Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

The narrator sounds like an obscene phone caller.

MadPowerBomber said...

Jurassic Fight Club = :@ vomit face. This show is horrible.