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Sunday, August 3, 2008


So cryostar77 asks...

'How much do you like drawing the Thundercats, which is your favorite to draw and would you ever draw them again?'

It sort of depends. I quite liked doing the original pitch designs fro the revamp with Dreamwave. The WS one was just work, John tried to make it more fun (thus the Dogs and Dinosaurs) but since I didn't have any story input it wasn't really my cup of tea. It was a bit too light for me.

' Did you really think that the dogs should have won the Dogs of War series?'

I don't have any idea how it ended LOL! I can't remember it! But seeing as how it the Thundercats book, I guess they should have won;)

' If you had only have one type the rest of your life, big or small dogs and why?'

Well I guess my Salukis. The afghans are a ton of fun but all the hair is a bit of a pain. Plus they are just fun to watch:) I just prefer the sighthound personalities.

'Museum of Natural History is now offering a full size replica of a T Rex skeleton, how keen would it be to own that?'

Pretty cool, I'd prefer an Acrocanthosaurus or Giganotosaurus, but that's just me, I'm not a huge T.rex fan. But were to put it.... I did just get a Papo Allosaurus, not that big but still pretty cool.

' I notice you don't do a lot of insects in your anthropomorphic sketches, what do you have against them? *cackle*'

I quite like the bugs, the problem is getting actual reference I can use of their heads. I can't draw their mandibles if I have no idea how they look;) I have several books of insects but most of the pictures just aren't good enough. We actually have this fricken huge beetle that's about 5 inches long that flies around here with giant pinchers. And I have done the praying mantis, my personal favorite bug.:)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions.

Saluki's eh? I was always a fan of thicker dogs, but I guess they're ok. ;)

I know what you mean, a personal trait of mine is a near dislike for all mainstream (read "liked") of any subject, so as it stands, T. Rex is not one of my favourites, but the thought along of having a life size dinosaur sitting in my back yard...well that's just 30x more fun. 100 grand is a bit steep though, I might wait for a sale or double coupon day.

Fear the five inch beatle...i didn't know you guys lived in Honduras. :) I'd carry a bat with me, the beetle wouldn't be a problem any more. Speaking of huge pincers, though, cnn had a video report of a new craze racing through Japan, Rhino Beetle fighting. They sell small rings, and children go out and buy Rhino beetles (from about 2" to full size) and let them go at it in "ring". Parents, of course, are just ecstatic since their cuts are unplugging from the video game systems.