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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Land of the Lost movie

I used to watch the TV show, it was pretty bad but this looks like it might be fun:)



Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that it's going to be a comedy. I'd much prefer to see a mature take on the Land of the Lost concept. I love the old TV show for it's sci-fi underpinnings and melodrama, not the goofiness that occasionally crept in.

If you're interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the latest news on the upcoming movie.

Brett said...

I don't know, the original isn't really that good now that I see it again. Sure you could have gone straight and done an interesting movie, but I doubt it would have gotten the green light. i really only liked the Sleestacks. And the girl always drove me up the wall. At least with this I get some jokes. I've pretty much enjoyed everything I've seen Farrell in so far.

This kind of film walks a line with the diehard old school fans and then the middle of the roaders who just want to be entertained:) I'm still laughing at the Matt Lauer can Suck it line!