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Friday, October 1, 2010

Colored Wally West Flash

Andrew Dalhouse sent this to me yesterday, a full color Flash! Looks great!

News, let's see... I got offered another one shot at DC, which I started today. So that's 3 right now with talk of more work after I get the third project finished. Once I can say more I will. But for now, enjoy the colored goodness:)




Sean Tourangeau said...

It's is really nice to see you doing hero work again. Great as usual.

DamonO said...

Its funny how things turn around. Seems like I remember Brett saying here not too long ago that DC didn't even know who he was. Now he's doing different projects for them. Can an ongoing series be too far behind? I hope not.

Michael E. Pritchard said...

First off, i like the pose and the illustration, but to tell you the truth I like the simple storytelling that's happening here. I like how you incorporated the pieces of paper flying around in the background. Cool way to show the past without having to draw it. Good work.