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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get Your Tron Geek On



M.O.R said...

Hard to get excited about a film that has been putting out promo images and merchandise for the best part of 3 years, including screeshots, scenes from the film, and so on.

If anyone else is still excited, more power to them. Me, not any more.

Jess said...

Three years? I've been waiting since before we left Florida, in 2003. Who remembers the web site where you had to solve problems to break into the system and get clues?

M.O.R said...

3 years ago was when the first footage seemed to emerge. Then it just tottered on and on and on...the excitement died down after too long.

Cryostar said...

Greetings Program!

Anonymous said...

TRON the movie never did much for me. I loved the arcade game, but the movie to me was just silly-I would rather they made a sequel to the Last Starfighter. I have very little interest in this, but I hope it pleases those who love the original. But yeah, it is kind of pretty.