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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starman Congorilla Special!

This shipped yesterday. Colors by Andrew Dalhouse and inks by Norm Rapmund. And just so you know... Gorillas are APES, like humans. Monkeys have tails.




heaven is real said...

Just so you know gorillas are not humans . And go figure God would create a world where animals would have similar behaviors to humans what was he thinking .

heaven is real said...

I looked this up for you . Ape - any of the larger tailless primates {as a baboon or gorilla } also : MONKEY .

Brett said...

Ah, I never said they were, they are an ape, just like you are. That's what humans are classified as a great ape. the human branch on the bush are called hominids, and there are at least 15 different types.

A book written by shepherds thousands of years ago with no facts should not be prefered over the research and evidence of numerous scientific fields. Sorry.



Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

Baboons are old world monkeys, they are in Cercopithecoidea. The great apes (orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans,) and lesser apes (gibbons) are in superfamily Hominoidea.

Google is your friend.

Being willfully stupid will not be tolerated.

steve said...

This video will help explain the difference between monkeys and apes:

Fatboy73 said...

LOL!!! I'm never getting that song out of my head :D

Nest said...

LoL is that gorilla over there, wearing a Grifter's mask?

Brett said...

Damn, I got to watch that tomorrow!


Alexis Logan said...

Really I must say that I simply adored, Justice League Omega ! The team has me excited every time I see her be formed and each new member that came up. I often wondered if I could create the team members that I choose and I must say I could not imagine a better team. It is a "dream team" of heroes Beasts in my heart I would love it if by chance remained attached to the end of the miniseries and Congorilla Starman / Mikaal Tomas. ^ ^ I love Malavar, Rex the Wonder Dog, Animal Man and finally Tasmanian Devil! This is heavily 'Animal' based team. And I loved it.