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Friday, February 25, 2011

Aquaman sketch

Needed something new for the blog;)




Cynical Nerd Rage said...

I may be an a$$ for saying this but I hope DC tells you that you cannot work on any more titles until you do an Aquaman run. It would be full of win to see you draw the new Aqualad and see your take on the department sea. Hell I am sure there are a few deep sea dinosaurs you could throw down on as well.

I normally keep my geeky fanboy in check but had to let it out after looking this over.

Paid for by the foundation to get Mr.Booth on a Aquaman title.


Cynical Nerd Rage said...
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Cynical Nerd Rage said...

Deep sea not department sea. I apologize for my ignorant phone's autotext.

Brett said...

Hi James,

Sorry, DC hasn't mentioned that;) They usually ask me if I'd be interested in drawing book 'Z.' I do know they plan on doing some relaunches later this year, but I don't know which titles, save one or two, they might be.

There is talk by the fans of Orin appearing in an anthology series or something.

Don't worry my phone will do that to:)



M.O.R said...

Aquaman drawing rocks.

Btw, technically, or at least according to Fred Phelps, everytime you post a Superhero sketch, or anything related to comic books, you are doing your bit for the "Sunday blasphemy".

Of course, any right minded, well adjusted individual who does happen to believe in a deity (like myself, ;D) would realise that any form of creativity is to be admired, and praised, rather than being shunned and considered a sin. When I do not draw, I find that I go freaking crazy, paranoid and slow down a lot, in my thinking and my work habits. Even if the stuff looks awful, at least I have done something to work out the stress. I also find not getting attached to something I draw to be a help rather than a hindrance.

Walt said...

Great looking Aquaman! How would I go about picking up some of your art from Justice League, or even this Aquaman? Do you use an art rep?


Brett said...


Anything that Phelps doesn't like is there for bad and a sin. I still can't believe how people can fall fro that rubbish!


Right now I'm doing the art thing, but I haven't gotten any of the inked art back from DC yet. I was told it takes at least 2 months. I will put up a post when it arrives:)

I always do the art on a first come basis, so when I post something you might want let me know brettbooth at g-mail dot com. This one has already been sold.



steve said...

Very nice. I would still love to write up an Aquaman story for you to draw if you thought you could get an editor to look at it.


Brett said...

Hi Steve,

From what I've heard they are doing something with him so he's off limits right now. A shame because Andrew and I did have a few ideas make him a bit more intimidating, thus the drawing.



Fatboy73 said...

I did have a few ideas make him a bit more intimidating,

Well you could give him a patch over his eye and a hook for a hand and maybe grow his hair out...Oh wait.
Well maybe a peg leg and some sharks with lasers :D