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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I can't hear you this Sunday, my ears are bleeding!

This has been all over so I'll keep the chain of insanity going:

This is how I know there is no God. If he actually existed these people would have been smitted (smitetten?) when they were making this horrible, horrible video. It's not the lyrics, bad as Christian rock is, its the singing! I managed to get through the whole thing, but Jess had to stop after the first chorus. And before Steve get's all pissy about the Christian rock crack... I'm sorry they are almost universally bad, BUT I do like Love Thy Will Be Done by Martika, beautiful song.

More art this week as my first JLA issue ships and the cover to 57 will be released... I think.




KTP said...

That's not Christian Rock....that's an abomination against Nature, Science and God.

Seriously, that is just so freaking awful that it goes beyond description.

It's the kind of song that makes you respect your loved ones more and more, because they never, ever had to sit through this awful mess, while I did and begged "Kill me Now!" But I survived, and now I am able to appreciate my life and those I care about.

I also realise that some people have way too much time on their hands.

M.O.R said...

Sorry, the KTP signin above, is me, M.O.R.

KTP is my current work address.

Fatboy73 said...

JESUS CHRIST!!!! is that bad!And this kids going to travel far and wide to MAKE people understand...not ask them if they'd like to or try to appeal to them logically but MAKE them DAMMIT!
And while were on the topic of good christian/gospel songs "Ave Maria" by Chris Cornell is one of the most amazing renditions of that song I've ever heard.Of course I'd listen to the whole freakin bible being sung if it were Chris doing it.Oh and if your looking up that song on "you tube",check out Chris' version of "Billy Jean" too.
Mind blowingly good!

Fatboy73 said...

Oh I forgot.Is it just me or does "Gotta save em all" sound like a bad christian version of Pokemon?

Brett said...

LOL! You guys always make me laugh!

Fatboy, this is sung to the Pokemon theme, I forgot to put than in the post. Oh well.

I'll have to check that out when I get some free time. Only 2 pages left!



Retrieverman said...

If you want to see something worse, check out the Christian Side Hug rap.

spoinger said...

Sweet mosasaur, that was terrible!

smite -> Smote?

BorderWars said...


BorderWars said...

Saviors: Gotta Worship Them All

Deploy Pocket-Preacher Ball NOW!

Cryostar1177 said...

Honestly, looks like some kid's service project or something.... Like MOR said, christian music actually has production values in it....this, not so much.

Honestly, i didn't think it was possible to hate the pokemon song more, but I do. thanks brett!

And spoinger is correct, the past tense of Smite is Smote! I love irregular verbs.

Brett said...

Christian Side Hug... ugh. At least it sound better than Jesus Christ! but the message is more like WTF? Thanks Scottie for ruining my day. I got that song in my head.

Once smote was mentioned it clicked. I was trying to be more of a smart ass and didn't bother to look it up, funnier that way;)

I only saw a few Pokemon episodes myself, the voice overs drove me up the wall. But I do remember the I chose you part! Hmmmm I guess Pokemon was pro choice;)



M.O.R said...

Personally, my favourite Pokemon parody was the Dorkly Bits video.

I also hated that series. Just awful. Awful, awful, awful.
Although the current voice of Ash, Sarah Natochenny, is actually kinda cute. She also sidelines as a model.

debbie said...

At some point of time, it will all come back to them :)

quamp said...

Ah! My Ears! My eyes! Can't unsee! Can't unhear!!