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Friday, June 10, 2011

More on the Teen Titans costumes here!

I did an interview with Newsarama the other day about the new designs.

Oh, and the actual cover at Bleeding Cool.

I hope that helps explain thing a bit more.




RonnieThunderbolts said...

Thanks for the link to the interview. I look forward to seeing the details on Red Robin's costume in particular. It reminds me a bit of the Young Justice Robin costume, and the way the red is centered is actually reminiscent of a robin redbreast/red robin, more than any other design of a "Robin" type character, which is kind of cool too.

werwoelfchen said...

hey ;-)
Thank you for the link to your interview where you explained the new designs and new costumes of the characters. It was really interesting to read more about that. I have to say I really like the Red Robin design you made, with the wings and the mask, his long hair and thank god, no cowl anymore. You really put much effort in the suits of the characters. I will definitely buy the TEEN TITAN books. :-) You mentioned in your last post that Tim will have a computer on his arm like YJ Robin- that's also amazing - I mean with his computer skills this is a very useful thing and very practical for Red Robin when he is fighting the villians. I read the comments to your last post concerning the Teen Titans and have to say many people are definitely overreacting, I mean what need a fan more as to know that Tims relationship with the batfamily and bruce is intact, that he is on a team with his friends and if Connor and he would be gay, I would not mind, although I knew you made a joke, but it would be really great to see also a homosexual couple in the dc universe. So I am really excited about the new TEEN TITANS and hope the personalities of the characters will not change after the reboot, for example that Tim will remain the geeky, analytic, awkward boy, who really wants to help people and that Tim and Kon and also Bart will be also best friends. I am looking forward to reading the comics and enjoying your art.


Brett said...

Thanks Ronnie and werewoelfchen!



Mbecks said...

I'm ok with Red Robin's. But not with the others still. that's probably how i'll stay until they get fixed. Maybe i'll have to see them done by another artist?

Brett said...


As I've stated before, if you want to complain about the costumes, take it up with DC. While you might have liked the old costumes, some like WG's were just a t-shirt and jeans, hardly a costume.



Oni said...

How can you complain about Cassie's classic costume when you have Superboy running around in a hipster vest with gloves? ;)

Of all her various costumes I liked this one best.

It's streetwearish, which is good for a hip teenage character, but also contains iconic elements, which is also good.

Brett said...


You say you love these characters but don't seem to know them very well.

The gloves are a nod to his original SB outfit. And that's called a muscle shirt... to show off his tattoo. I might put him in a wife beater next.

Complaining would be me going to someone else's blog, and bitching at them about something I don't like. Stating I'm not found of her current digs is a statement of opinion, not a complaint.

And that costume is also not to my liking. But since it's OK for you to complain and I'm not allowed to give my opinion I'd like you to step away from the keyboard and go outside so you'll stop bothering me.


M.O.R said...

Hey Brett,

The problem I see happening is that people are ticked off that so many talented writers, and artists, have seemingly been let go by DC, yet they are taking it out on the artists and writers of the books (and when I say artists, I include inkers, colourists, letterers, pencillers, and one could even say writers are artists too, even tho they get their own title :)) rather than DC, and as you rightfully point out, it is DC they should be complaining to, but are not.

If you had proposed putting them all in pink leotards as a costume, and DC rejected it, how many people would complain? None. It would be well within DC's rights to allow them say no to that design choice.

But if DC had accepted that idea, how many would complain about DC vs how many would complain about you? Probably more would complain about you, sadly, alot more, even when all responsiblity of the choice rests with DC.

So as you have said, quite often since the creative change, all problems lay with them, not you/ your respective allies in art/ writing.

Personally, and this is not related to Teen Titans, I am rather saddened to see so many talented artists and writers no longer on a book, while others, with bad reps(late shipping, poor quality), are still given work.
I find it depressing that people who CAN keep a deadline are no longer employed by DC.

edwardelric said...

I like the cover for Teen Titans its pretty cool but I liked your original image even more. You should tell DC to sell it as a poster or a variant cover. And you know I really like it because I hate variant covers LOL I love Robin's outfit and I can't wait to get a better look at Kid Flash's but you said he was going to be wearing something different in the first issue? I can't wait to see the book.

Oni said...

Brett, I am sorry about my earlier comments, they were harsh because I was hurt at the time, and by decisions that were out of your hands. You've been very nice on this blog, and from the sounds of it you've done your best under trying circumstances to make something out of this mess you were handed. My ragecat was misdirected and for that I'm genuinely sorry.

That said, ok, Superboy did have glove back in the 90's, but he also had a full-body spandex Superman-esc costume and a jacket. It worked at the time as an complete ensemble. Nothing wrong with gloves on their own, but gloves with a vest (or a "muscle shirt") on a guy just looks a bit silly. Maybe it's because it bookends the arms a bit too much or something.

If your goal was to reference his original look in some way, a more tasteful alternative would be to go with a variation on the sunglasses he used to wear, or the jacket, or the blue/red/yellow color scheme.

And regardless of what the shirt is called, it doesn't look dignified in practice. He needs some kind of sleeves. The only male characters that can pull off sleeveless are the ones with interesting arms, like Colossus, Thing, someone furry, that sort of thing. It just doesn't work for regular human-looking men. The same is true of tube-tops and halters, for that matter. Unfair, but true.

And about the Wonder Girl comments, I did include a ;). I just found it amusing that you would take such issue with Cassie's classic costumes, from start to finish of the character's history, having been "streetwear" outfits, while you seem perfectly content with Superboy having one under your own pencils.

Fatboy73 said...

Hitler has a few things to say about what DC is doing

Brett said...


I think this is sort of a first wave of books. Don't quote me on this as I have NO real idea, but they toss a bunch of books out, see what sticks, and then when those fail they have a new wave with old favorites as the creative teams. If they are under contract DC has an obligation to provide them with work:)


Thanks, this one has sort of grown on me. If they use it I'd like to get it inked and properly colored (Andrew HATES it;))

Bart's first costume is actually really fun to draw, not nearly as slick as this one though;)


LOL! I got that a few weeks ago when they first announced this!



Fatboy73 said...

I'd like to see to see Jonah hex in a cape kicking the crap outta Superman,and then shoot him in the head with a kryptonite bullet.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of hearing the behind the scenes thoughts on Cassie's new headgear? It kinda baffles me why it's there. Every time I see that promo image or the actual cover I keep wondering where's the short cape that should be attached to it...

Raul said...

Hey Brett!

I just wanted to say that when the designs first came out, I was one of the many that weren't too happy. But reading your excitement over the series and seeing how you react over the initial backlash has totally changed my attitude. There is no way that someone who has gone through all this trouble to reassure the fans that everything will be okay doesn't care about what he's doing. You have shown real dedication to the title and it hasn't even released yet! I know that TT is in the right hands now and I can't wait to pick up issue 1 and on. Keep up the great work and know that your fanbase is growing quickly!


Brett said...


Hex is in Gotham now... but I think it's the 1800's still;)


The hood was just for fun and dramatic stuff. Sometimes it's on sometimes it's off. The costume is somewhat bare (for a reason) so I thought it needed something else.


Thanks! Scott has more to say about the titans on Bleeding Cool. The costumes are growing on me, that Gutters pages was really nicely done and I saw some other art today with the TT on it from one of the other DC books.

Trust me, the scripts are great so far. This would be something Id pick up just for the story, and no I'm not shitting you;)



tony said...

Well i wanna see some more teen titans art,from anyone,or anywhere.brett when do you think DC will allow you or others to start showing some preview art?

Can you say anything about superboy that we havent heard or seen yet?

glitchproductions said...

Hi Brett,

Just wanted to say that I am a long time Teen Titan reader and I absolutely can not wait to see this new version. I love the new look of the team and the new individual costumes of the titans especially Red Robin and kid flash. can you tell us if the titans will still be based out of San Francisco? Also anymore promo art would be awesome! keep up the great work!