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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teen Titans Promo Image

OK, it's been announced and stuff, but they didn't use the actual cover, but instead this promo piece Andrew and I did for a meeting. So bear that in mind!




JohnnyHorror92182 said...

Really? Well, even if it ain't the cover, it still looks awesome, Brett!

Also, I like the little joke you through in to it. With Kid Flash tagging Superboy with the "S" on his back.

Keep up the great work!

Dr. Jekyl said...

Hi Brett. Would you be able to tell us who the characters are? There's a lot of speculation regarding which Wonder Girl and which Kid Flash it is (or whether they're Donna/Cassie and Wally/Bart mergers), and no-one is sure as to the identity of the other two figures.

Dietel said...

Any idea when we'll be able to see the actual cover? Are there any substantial differences between the look of the characters on the real cover and in the promo piece.

I am excited to see your work!

Brett said...

Thanks Johnny! Glad you got the joke!


Bart is KF, Cassie is Wonder Girl, I'm not sure what's going on with Wally and Donna, but will hopefully find out soon!


The only major change will the Charcoal Girls power color, I think we're going with blue to sort of town down the red look.

I'm hoping they don't use this for the cover, it's not actually done, so I'm waiting to see. If they aren't I'm assuming it's being kept under wraps until September solicitations are out.



- T- F - said...

The winged fellow looks outstanding... I imagine you had flashbacks to drawing Vigor and Backlash with Impulse/Kid Flash and the whip that Wonder Girl is wielding...

David said...

I like the updates for costumes. I really like Bart's new look it fits him a lot better than the old Kid Flash look. Looks like you have kept me on this title. If you do find out something about Wally could you let us know?

Dave said...

Okay, so I see Superboy, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid FLash, and two others. Something's telling me the dark, gravelly-lookin' chick is Terra.

But who's that spidery gal wearing the Witchblade over on the lower-left? I'm guessing one of the Wildstorm characters?

M.O.R said...

Congrats on the new gig.

Just one question. How did Superboy get the 'S' tattoo?
Just wondering.

Saw the many new titles on comicrelated, and alot of them really have me excited.

Best of luck, sending all my positive thoughts in yours and DC's way.

Kestral said...

This is giving me some hope for the reboot.

really liking the new designs specially kid flash and red robin's new looks.

the bone=girl makes me think of Marrow from Xmen for some reason XD

awesome work as always.

Fatboy73 said...

Just one question. How did Superboy get the 'S' tattoo?

With a kryptonite needle of course
and I think it was put there after a night of drunken revelry by the infamous super villain INKSLINGER!!
Who's nefarious power is the ability to tattoo anyone really badly.(You should see the tramp stamp on Wondergirl) ;)

Anthony said...

who's that in the far background? Between Bart and the black inky girl? Are those Amazons?!

Brett said...

Blogger is being.... difficult today.

THe Girl on the left is a new character, but I did toss in some WS feel to her that MAY play out in the future.

The little characters by Bart are Bart after images, get used to them I use them A LOT! It's a way of showing Bart doing multiple things at once. In this case picking-up the paper and drawing an S for Superboy, who's Tattoo was originally on the other shoulder.

And I do have to say I'm sorry to all the pissed off people. But sales were low, things needed to change. We'll have to see what happens in September. But the new story's are solid and fun. Sorry you won't be there. You might see the 90's stuff as a throwback, I see what you're reading now akin to an 80's throwback. Which to me is still good comic fun. So why not wait and see before wasting so very much time on guesses? Check out the first issues, that's what I do when I pick TV shows to watch. If it looks good/interesting I give it 3 episodes. Then if I still like I record the series. Not so hard now is it? Once it's out and you can actually know why you don't like this and then, then you can bitch.



Kaden said...

I saw your art and was blown away! I love my original Titans...and the original DC...BUT...I am VERY excited about this. It looks fresh and fun. I can't wait!!

Dietel said...

That's a good point Brett. Change is really hard to accept. I've loved the characters the way they've always been for a long time, so I'm absolutely nervous to see what happens to them in September, but on the other hand I'm excited to see what happens.

Your enthusiasm is contagious, so even though I have reservations, I am getting excited.

Also - I think the official cover is circulating around twitter, I saw the image but can't find the source yet. It looks very cool.

ElfGrove Studio said...

I just wanted to inquire why the decision was made to color Bart as a red head?

It has been a source of a lot of the initial confusion that this FF might have been Wally or a Wally/Bart mash-up, since within the Flash Family the traditional distinctive physical markers between the three boys that have donned the scarlet suit was always:
Barry - Blond Hair/Blue Eyes
Wally - Red Hair/Green Eyes
Bart - Brown Hair/Gold Eyes

Not trying to be rude, just curious about the reasoning since the red-hair-trend by half of his recent artists have chalked it up to either not caring, an honest coloring mistake, or simply having liked Wally better. I'm a little disappointed to see the trend continue, and am honestly curious as to the reason behind it.


Brett said...

Thanks Kaden! I do appreciate it!


I saw that floating around as well. Not sure who's leaking stuff but it does appear to be out there in the interwebs!


Bart has auburn hair which is sort of brownish and reddish. That's what the DC database has it as.

That is why you get the different colors people simply see them differently. Not everyone see's colors exactly the same way. That is why he's not orange haired in the image.



Dr. Jekyl said...

I’ll admit that I fall into the camp who’s ... not happy about this change. To be perfectly honest, ‘not happy’ is rather an understatement. I know that Brett and Scott will do their best, but, well... the fundamental fact is that these are not my Teen Titans. They’re a re-branded, re-booted Young Justice in a world where my Titans have been scattered to the four winds and, worse, may not actually have been Titans in the first place. And the real kicker is that this change comes hard on the book finally starting to right itself after years of editorial interference (to the point of driving creators away), unnecessary character death, bad rehashes of old storylines, tired attempts at ‘grim and gritty’ storytelling, unstable rosters and creative teams that didn’t last past a single story arc.

None of that, obviously, is Brett’s problem or fault in any way, shape or form, and, Brett, you’re right when you say some sort of change was needed. But I’m not convinced that this is it. I’ll certainly give it a chance to prove me wrong –it’s only fair- but nothing about this so far suggests I’ll like it. As I said, these are not my Titans. But other people may well enjoy it, and I guess that’s the point. DC needs to bring in new readers.

Er, anyway, I actually came here to thank Brett for answering my earlier question, not to rant, so, thank you, Brett, for doing so, and I’ll shut up now :)

Brett said...

Dr. J,

No reason you can't like both versions of TT. I like the YJ cartoon myself, but I also read a lot of the original TT and have been reading the current TT.

And here's a link to the cover that's been linked. I can't post it yet.



RonnieThunderbolts said...

Hello Brett, is there any way if you can tell us whether or not Tim has still been Robin in this Teen Titans. Speculation has been wildly rampant on the fate of Tim's history with the bat-verse.

I understand completely if you are unable to answer those sorts of questions at this point, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

tony said...

Wow superboy prime would be so proud of all the internet crazed fanboy hate these days.

Hey brett is there any chance superboy will be getting a S symbol on his shirt? It looks a lil bare without it.

Unknown said...

1. Awesome that Kon/Cass/Bart/Tim are staying together.

2. I spent a good 2 hours browsing forums that are raving about what they think about THIS promo art of the TT's. Not sure if you're bothering to check, but most of them are drooling with negativity.
"It's 90s EXTREME!" "RIP Tim" "Superboy looks gay"

It's a real shame, because I think the new costumes look great. It really makes me wonder what -will- please them?

3. People seem to be having trouble making out the after images/sign joke. I thought it was a charming touch, though.

This is great. -Most- people are resistant to change for many things, SOME of us don't fear it though! Can't wait 'till September.

Anonymous said...

The whole publishing library of 75 years of DC Comics to choose from in launching a new revisionist history for the DC Universe and instead of fresh takes on iconic characters we get... Charcoal Girl? Insect Chick?

Raven, Terra, Miss Martian, Donna Troy, Ravager, Jade, Thunder, Lightning, Argent and tons more have been eradicated from existence so you could create a Starfire knockoff and a Liefield-esque bug woman?

Matthew said...

Insect Queen and Elastic Lad? That's pretty bold.

At the end of the day, if they are written and drawn well, like Cyborg, Starfire and Raven were (all new characters at the time too), then we'll come to love them.

Nathan said...

Looks cool! I will pick it up!

Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

Okay, children, listen up. Positive and negative comments are both welcome, but refrain from nastiness, please. (I'm looking at you, Crusaderminn.)

Remember that Brett does not have any control over what DC publishes or their editorial decisions.

Don't make me pull this blog over and start moderating comments.

Brett said...


Tim will be fine. People are reading into things:)


Grow up, it's time to move out of your Mom's basement. I have NO CONTROL over what DC does.


I'm not following Elastic Lad, but the bug girl will be in issue 2:) I can't talk about story stuff yet, but there are reasons for her, very cool reasons:)

Thanks Nathan!



edwardelric said...

I'm a fan of your work Mr. Booth, but honestly I haven't bought anything recently because I haven't seen what you've been working on. Suffice to say, when I saw you did the cover to Green Arrow, a character I mildly love, I was saddened that you weren't going to be on the book. Then surprise, surprise they announce you as the artist of Teen Titans. I have to say I'm a bit saddened by the news that Nicola Scott won't be working on the book, as I love her stuff but seriously, I'm looking forward to your art ... I hope the writing is up to par.

Your Red Robin looks awesome, I love Kid Flash though the redesign not so much but I don't exactly hate it. I'm just happy Tim, Kon and Bart are still together, and Wonder Girl too. I've been a fan of them since before they became Young Justice.

In truth I was kind of hoping YJ was going to be one of the books in the relaunch but ... I'll probably be buying GA for the cover and good luck on TT I'll definitely be getting that too. Your art rocks ... I hope the story does too.

September needs to get here already. LOL

Brian said...

I don't want to be mean, and I want to temper this by saying the actual artwork is very well drawn, well done, etc.

But those costumes are not good. At all. None of them. Sorry, I'm not trying to tear you down (and I honestly don't know if you designed the costumes or not...) but wow, those just aren't good. Like I said, well drawn, but bad designs.

Oni said...

I'll try to be a little constructive about this, based on the two promo pieces shown and the promo text.

Red Robin's costume is not bad. It's not as good as the costume Marcus To designed for him during the recent "ndernet" arc, but it mostly works. Every bit that's in orange needs removing, the bandoliers and the arm bands and such just ruin the look, and the wings do need to go, he's not the Falcon, but other than that the lines and the red/black balance work.

Cassie's costume looks fine. It could probably use a permanent belt to define the waistline, and the red lasso seems to "evil for her, but the costume doesn't worry me nearly as much as the blurb about her being a "mysterious thief" rather than an "inspiring goddess."

Bart's costume is hard to get a read on, but there are a lot of things I'm not a fan of. First, it looks like he has a faux-hawk going on. Nobody can rock a faux-hawk, least of all Bart, and his hair looks too red (and his eyes, for that matter). I've also never been a fan of the "mustard and ketchup" color scheme, and he could use some bigger feet. He looks far too serious, practically evil, rather than the light-hearted soul of the team.

Superboy looks completely ridiculous. He looks like he should be bar-tending at some vampire fetish bar or something. A sleeveless vest with gloves? Come on. I liked his "jeans and t-shirt" look, but if not that then something more Superman-ish, or at the very least something more hetero. The barcode tat is also quite silly.

and of course I patently reject any storyline in which these characters are the "official" DCU versions of the characters while not previously been Titans, and were not in Young Justice before that. That would just piss all over my childhood, and could not be forgiven, regardless of the quality of the work moving forward. If they are not the same characters they were before the reboot, just with new things happening to them, then the book has automatically lost me for the first time since the mid-90s.

As for the new characters, "Charcoal" looks interesting enough, "bug girl" looks way too top Cow to fit in with the rest, given the "Darkness" armoring and the spiney hair, and "fisto". . . I don't know, he could be fine.

Overall, I don't plan to buy the book, as I would have had they not decided to rest the main character's backstories, but I hope that it's retconned into oblivion soon and that you guys can move on to telling stories using the real Teen Titans characters, perhaps using many of the story elements you'd intended for this run.

advent said...

Oni. Shut up. I'm seventeen and have grown into Teen Titans from the animated series and have been following the DCU for three years now. I've never been a huge fan of 90's comics, or it's style. Geoff Johns did a brilliant job when he launched the series several years ago, but his time on Titans is over, and the resulting train wreck which followed was yes, awful, and the series needed a this reboot, desperately.

Bret, you're doing a fantastic job!!

I love the redesign of these characters, although I had to laugh after seeing that Disney movie Tangled, all I could think of was that evil mother in that hood and hair ;), but really liking this new approach to Red Robin and even Superboy (the comment that ONI made on Superboy was boarderline homophobic, but I'm not going to get into that.)

Really looking forward to this series, and what both you and Scott have to offer,

Oni said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Johns' run either, it started off ok, but Young Justice before it was better, and then it all sort of imploded in the run-up to Infinite Crisis and never recovered because they ruined half the team. This reboot looks to do much worse to them, killing them all off without even given them a decent death scene, and then replacing them all with Bizarros.

I also don't intend for my comment on Superboy to seem homophobic, if we were talking about Apollo, or Anole, or Northstar, or any actual gay superhero then that look would be perfectly appropriate, but Superboy is not gay (at least not so far), so he shouldn't dress as though he was.

Fatboy73 said...

"Superboy is not gay"
I dunno,I thought he was a pretty happy go lucky guy.And dressing in all black doesn't really say happy/cheerful to me to me so I don't see how he's dressed as though he's happy ad cheerful...Oh meany Homosexual? Well damn him for dressing how you perceive a homosexual man dresses(maybe if he had the biker hat on and was pantomiming YMCA...)

Brett said...


How do you know he's not gay now;)

Thanks Advert!


Please keep in mind, that while I did do some of the designs, I didn't get to approve them. SO if you have complains about the, you'll have to go further up the food chain.



RonnieThunderbolts said...

Brett, thanks for the quick response about Tim. You helped ease this fan's mind a great deal, and I was mostly just cautiously skeptical, trying not to make as many assumptions as many readers with little information.

Between your answer, Dan Didio's comments about him being a former Robin, and now Scott Snyder mentioning Tim as still appearing in Batman from time to time, I really don't see where all the people reading into things and freaking out are getting the vibe Tim's history is endangered.

But I'm sure some naysayers and fearful fans will still speculate the worst and doubt any assurances they have. Nevertheless, I do appreciate your forthright and swift response.

Fatboy73 said...

How do you know he's not gay now;)

Because they're saving that storyline for a future Superman/Apollo/Midnighter crossover
You know,hype for when sales are REALLY in the crapper ;)

Dietel said...

Brett, on the official cover to Teen Titans #1 there is another character in a sort of purple and maroon suit with big fists. Is that a new character or a redesign of an older character?

I understand if you can't say, I was just wondering. I'm particularly excited to read about Charcoal Girl, she sounds like a cool new hero.

dwh said...

I like that the red unifies the core team members... though Superboy and the others could use more of it, a token piece of red somewhere on their costumes. It makes the team seem more unified like Marvel's Fantastic Four, X-Men (Blue and Gold), etc. The Teen Titans are just about the only DCU team that could pull off a redesign that unifies them (given how disparate all the other DC teams tend to be) so I'm glad DC tried it.

A couple of smaller notes...

On the actual cover you can see a halo effect about Superboy's head suggesting his mental abilities will play a larger role than in recent years.

I like Bart's costume despite it being so busy... I hope it's not too much of a PITA to draw consistently... the only part I'm a bit iffy on is the flares on the face mask... it looks OK in the promo piece, but on the cover it's a bit Wolvie and since they're so close to the eyes and a different color they can almost look like perpetually arched exaggerated eyebrows. Also, on the promo image Bart has a Flash patch on his shoulder, but not on the cover... so either the element was dropped, forgotten, or the costume isn't symmetrical (which seems to be the case, looking at Red Robin).

Red Robin's costume is busy as well but it looks like the kind of busy that artists enjoy drawing and is easier to pull of consistently. I wonder what he'll look like in other poses or with his wings folded up... if this was the 90s, I'd be worried that this will be Tim's sole position until a redesign, but given the long history of other bird-winged heroes and villains to use as reference, the agile Tim should be fairly "poseable".

All in all, some of the most radical redesigns in the relaunch so far, but also some of the ones I'm most comfortable with.

Savi said...

The Designs are really growing on me. Also, I didn't get the joke about the taped Shield on Superboy's shirt. So, I thought that was part of his costume, DERP. sorry. I'm just so glad the Young Justices charas aren't gone. Tim is my favorite and I've been looking out for him since this reboot business started, but there he is EEE!


"how do you know he's not gay now ;)"


advent said...

@Savi, haha, well they made colossus gay in the ultimate Xmen, which I thought was brilliant (and unexpected) and Superboy being a clone he might be in the same position Starman (Mikaal) is, where he's more pansexual because he doesn't know any different, could be an interesting play and go with DC's attempt of diversity. But now this is all just wishful thinking haha ;)

Oni said...

Yes Mr. Booth, I'm aware that some things you can control and some things you have no control over, like I said, I don't hold most of this against you personally, I'm just saying what I think of the state of things, regardless of who's fault they are.

Overall, across the entire reboot line, the costumes are a serious problem. Every one of them got redesigned, and of them only about 5% are actually an improvement. I was never a fan of Red Robin's costume (the flat black cowl and bandoleer can never work), and this version has some improvements, but I'm still no fan of the bandoleer and the bird wings. You should check out the fan-edited version without the bandoleer that's floating around, it looks miles better.

Also, as to Superboy being gay, I would not be a fan of that. I think it's fine when they take a character that has historically been a "confirmed bachelor" and say "you know what? He's always been gay," or when they launch an alternate universe version of a character and have him be different than the original, like U Colossus, that's fine, but Kon has definitely and clearly loved numerous women over the years, and it would cheapen the character and those romances if he was "suddenly gay." Gay isn't something that just happens overnight. If one of these new characters is gay, that's totally fine, but none of the returning Titans cast is a fair candidate.

advent said...

As much as I'd hate to say it Oni, 'its a brave new world', the old DCU is very much dead (not that you seemed to be too much of a fan of that one either) so if you're getting so caught up over little things like costumes and (light-heartedly) speculated sexuality, then, yes. Perhaps this DCnU just isn't for you. It's a shame, because it's only early days... Who knows who's legacy they'll spoil next? ;)

M.O.R said...

My question about the tattoo is because he has bulletproof skin, and putting a tat on him would be next to impossible.

So I am just puzzled as to how he got the tat.

On a side note, why has blogger reposted the same posts two, or in some cases three, times?

Matthew said...

How soon do you think it will be before we can get names on the new characters?

Personally, I am looking forward to meeting these new members. Again, who knew how great Cyborg and Raven would be? There was clearly no precedent for characters like that before 1980.

And I actually think Red Robin and Superboy both look awesome.

Brett said...


Thanks glad you like. Sorry I missed yo earlier, very swamped so I have to do this quickly!


Can't talk about him yet, soon:)


I like complicated myself, but I've only drawn that Bart outfit twice so far. I'm still not sure what to do with it:/


LOL! You would have loved my plan, but DC knocked me down:(


Got it, make Conner gay! Will talk to Scott tonight! That explains why I had to draw Conner and Tim making out yesterday!


Kryptonite needle... but he is only half Superman, he's also half human.


Right now all I can say is the bug girl is being referred to as Bugg. I can't talk about the Purple one, but might be because it's not 1999 yet. Charcoal girl... it would ruin the surprise!!!!



Fatboy73 said...

You start talking about the purple one and I'm going to jump in my little red corvette and drive around delirious in the purple rain when the doves cry. ;) ;)

tony said...

So is superboy flesh and blood or some kind of robot now?

Also is that energy above his head on the cover somehow related to his telekinesis?

Brett said...

Hi Tony,

I'm not exactly sure, I haven't read SB 2 yet.

The FX is TK related yes.



Anonymous said...

What? Are they really making Kon gay? Does that mean Tim is going to come out too?!?

I don't know how to feel about that... I mean he was never gay before (minus fanfic) and I'm totally okay with gay superheroes but changing two known superheroes feels like shock value and fanservice.

Fangirls rejoice, I guess. But i'd expect a huge backlash on others who feel differently about the topic. It'd almost be a slap in the face to them.

Is it really the right thing to do?

Anonymous said...


dude, relax. he's clearly kidding. Everyone knows DC already filled their gay character quota.

and if "others who feel differently" seriously backlashed over something so trivial as two fictional characters who happen to like each other then they have issues.

Savi said...

I mean. I think it would honestly make Tim and Kon's characters alot more interesting if they were homosexual. ALSO Tim is such a tragic character and he loves Kon so much currently (as a bro). I just feel like it would make sense that Tim would at least have a crush on him...

But, of course, that's right now. In the reboot, if it was cannon, that would be awesome. I mean, it works in Young Avengers.

Kon could just be bisexual...or something..

omg my fangirl is showing. D:

tony said...

I sometimes wonder how people can completely miss the obvious and think the outrageous.

Like the superboy cover,is it more likely that it is just being figurativley,like saying he was created like a machine,or can anybody truly let themself believe that DC turned superboy into astro boy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I admit I did freak out, but it's a topic that just keeps popping up everywhere and I wasn't so sure how to deal with it. It's not so much the change in orientation as it was the dramatic change in characters I grew up with that would've bothered me. Either way, I'll be giving this series a try regardless of what changes, even if the costumes are a little odd.

Best wishes Brett and thanks for the quick reply!

Mbecks said...

Who are these characters? Because they're definitely not the Teen Titans i knew and loved. I'll keep my rage and opinion to a low volume. But these characters are so unrecognizable that we might as well not call them Wonder Girl, Kid Flash Superboy or Red Robin.

I'm not going to nit pick and whine in great detail. But i'm just so upset with this. I thought the point of the reboot was to emphasize the characters iconicness, not change them completely.

I'll chalk it up to "disappointed"

Mbecks said...

Also just to clarify, Superboy's insignia wont ACTUALLY be a piece of paper taped on his back right? that's a joke? he'll have one on the front?

Raul said...

No, Mbecks, it's a prank by Bart. It took me a little while to get it too. xD

MadPowerBomber said...

well... I guess I just really like the old WildStorm look of things, 'cause I really like all these designs, and most of everything else I've seen from the relaunch. The only one that looks goofy to me is Superman, and that's because of the funny look about the boots.

I think the relaunch is gonna be fun. And I may be the only person in the world that's planning on getting all 52 #1s. Not all 52 #2s, I'm only gonna keep going with what I like, but yes, all 52 #1s. And seeing as how I don't buy any comics on a monthly basis currently, I think I can manage it. If the games'll let me.


Lee said...

Hey Brett!

Which of these designs are yours? Are any of these Jim Lee's work?

I LOVE the new Red Robin. Tim looked too old when his hair was covered up, and the wings work well with the name and finally make him stand apart from the rest of the unfortunately bloated Batman family.

Superboy and Wonder Girl I'll have to wait and see. It's all about context. I have to admit that I do miss the young tomboy look Wonder Girl had in Young Justice - there doesn't seem to be any character filling that niche at the moment.

Can't make out his full design in either of the pictures, but Kid Flash looks way too busy. Too many fiddly design elements around the belt line, gloves and especially the mask (that almost looks like Cyclops' visor). Speedster costumes always look best when they're sleek, simple and streamlined. Not being able to see his eyes also makes it harder for him to look emotive, which doesn't fit with Bart's (former?) role as the ditzy comic relief character.

Introducing three new charcters alongside the four core cast members is a good idea. The black/blue smokey girl is elegant and distinctive. The blue really does work significantly better than more red. Bugg stands out with her pretty creepy look. Not sure what the other guy's gimmick is yet, but a strealined costume is always appreciated.

Overall I'm intrigued and cautiously optimistic. Glad to see the core four teen heroes re-united. Glad to see three fresh new heroes adding diversity. Red Robin looks great. Quite worried about Kid Flash, since I really loved him in his Impulse days. Will definitely be picking up the first few issues and seeing how it goes.

advent said...

@dameyon: I'm with you there, ;) I'll probably end up with most of them, but a lot will probably be digital downloads after they go down to $2, buying comics outside of America can be expensive!

Personally, with Superman, as much as I love George Perez, his artwork has become a little sloppy of late... And that really hurts to say... Or maybe I'm not looking at it right.. :/

And I remember reading the comments on iFanboy I think, where they legit (atleast twenty of them) kept rambling on about how tacky it was to have a Superboy design with the S label tapped on, some comparing it to the punk Superboy of the 90's where he pinned it to his uniform hahaha, I don't think they actually ever did pick up on the joke ;)

And Brett, I'll admit, you've got to have the biggest sense of humor I've ever seen in a comic book artist. Bravo!!

steve said...

Looks freaking great. I can't get the link to the leaked cover to work. Is there another location?

The biggest crime is they did not put Beastboy/Changeling on the roster for you to play with.

I hope you can get him in there soon. The fact you can't showcase your animal drawing skills is a shame.


Brett said...


Your Teen Titans weren't selling well anymore. You'll have to trust me that the designs are the major changes, and those were done in increments. My original ideas were simply updates of their current looks. DC wanted to go a bit more out there with this book, to try to bring in new readers. So new designs were done. And then newer ones. Little things changed, more changes and tweeks ect.

This simply wasn't me just going crazy and turning in these finished ideas, it was a slow process.

For example, Robin, Scott had mentioned wings when we first talked. I tried that, with his cowl, he looked too much like Hawkman, so I drew up a cape, that has notched cut out so it would look something like wings, but I also had an idea for folding wings sort of like a Japanese fan, so when presented with both the fan wings won out. Later I was told to nix the cowl and do the more Roninesque mask. The rest of his design is based on what he currently wears and some Robin from YJ, I liked the computer on the arm so I tossed that in. The wings are more complex than say those of the Vulture or the Falcon. They snap into place and there are electro magnets that keep them attached to his gloves/hands. When the current is off they fold back and are flexible, more like a traditional cape.

Thanks Daymeon,

I think you'll be happy there are some old WS alumni appearing in DC now:)

Hi Lee,

I did most of the base designs, Jim came in an did a great Bart design that Cully Hamner tweeked just a bit to get the hair out.

RR is pretty much all mine (I still want to tweek the wings a bit but everyone at DC liked them that way so they stuck.) Bob Harras wanted the hood removed so I Nightwinged him up some;)

KF, they won't look so busy when he's standing there, but Bart is a fidgity guy and we wanted his costume to reflect that. He's always doing something. He has no visor on, those are just lines. Do you really want the bad guys to be able to read your emotions?

SB, well Scott wants them to be more stylish so he's wearing more stylish cloths. He'll actually be wearing the costume from Superboy for a bit in both books. Who knows we might keep that look;)

WG, well she was the most difficult. We finally settled on no costume and just the bracelets and arm band. But right before I started this promo shot, Scott sent me an idea which was sort of based on one of my original WG designs, but with less stuff and the star field added.

The other three... well I can't talk much about them. Except I designed the Bug girl to be sort of a cyborg/alien hybridy thing. We dropped the cyborg part and went more with the bug thing, she has extra arms and legs that are retractable.

Charcoal girl, well Scott mentioned an idea he had, DC wanted the newer characters to look different, not just people in spandex so when Scott mentioned her I sort of went a tad crazy.

The Purple one, that design was Scott's with a dash of me and Jim. Scott wanted simple and a more classic look to him.

Scott has woven a great story so far. Issue 2 is even better than issue 1.


I really want this book to be both interesting, deep and fun all at the same time. I actually watch mainly comedy's or comedy like things so I tend to make jokes, and mess with people:)


It was Gar or Bart... and while I like Gar, I wanted Bart. You can't have 2 jokesters on the same team, you'll never get anything done;)

But I'm like 99.999% sure Gar will appear at some point. Just not sure when.



RonnieThunderbolts said...

I am now really interested in seeing your Tim costume when he is not in flight, with the wings more in a cape form as you describe. Any chance we might get any first looks or designs sometime before September? 3 months is a long time.

Either way, thanks for letting us in on the process here and at Newsarama.

Brett said...

Hi Ronnie,

I will try to post stuff when they let me. I already asked on Wednesday and was told no posting new art.:/

I even offered to do an image just for the blog but they said no. So until DC says so I can't.

Hopefully soon:)



RonnieThunderbolts said...

Thanks for the quick response Brett.

Whenever they let you, I can't wait to see these designs in detail, and I really appreciate you sharing what you already have with us readers.

heffison said...

Took me a while to figure out that Bart thought Superboy needed a cape. It does sound like something Bart would do, though. He needs to show a little Impulsiveness once in a while.

I kind of like Superboy's outfit better in that picture where it looks more like a tank-top than a vest.

It's great to see Tim without the cowl. I never thought he, or especially Dick Grayson, would cover the hair.

So do you (and should we) see these characters as the same people, with circumstances altered around them due to Flashpoint or whatever, or as new people who share some of the same starting points as the characters we've been watching?

I use a barcode scanner at work, so I need to know: does the tattoo scan as "S" or is it some serial number from the lab where Superboy was cloned?

You've called Superboy "Conner" but the Superboy #1 announcement sounds like he's either still in the lab or just freshly out (like the YJ cartoon version,...sure hope the book isn't trying to match him up to that). So is he already using the Conner Kent name?

(By the way, I'm pretty sure Tim's bi. Conner's straight, but for Tim he'd give it a shot. Once. After a twelve-pack. And never let it be mentioned again.)

Brett said...


SB's tattoo was originally on the other arm, to match Tim and Bart's logos. But I didn't notice (this was just a quick image done for a meeting.) And since Scott didn't want an 'S' on the front of SB, Bart thought it would be a good idea to make sure everyone knew who the big guy was;)

I'm sure SB will change his clothes lots. He's wearing the costume from SB for the first few issues of TT.

I kind of like the cowl, but everyone else liked the hair;)

I can't answer any story questions, but Tim will have history with Batman, Bart will still have ties to Barry and Connor will still have ties to SM. Cassie I'm not so sure about but since she's still called Wonder Girl and her bracelets are of Greek origin, I'm sure there's a connection. Personality wise, they are the same, except Cassie is a bit less... whitebread.

Not sure about the barcode, I haven't bothered to scan it;)

Not sure how to answer that SB question... he's still a clone, still part Lex... he is in a lab but he still has some history...

LOL! Most people never think of bi, I don't think sexual orientation for most of the cast has come up yet. I do know there will be some relationships forming... I just can't quite remember who...



Lee said...

Thanks for the reply Brett!

I'm glad that Bart is still going to be the jokester of the team. Will he have images in his thought balloons again? (Mark Waid once said that anyone who puts actual words in one of Bart's thought balloons is writing him wrong.)

Mbecks said...

Is there a reason behind why the costume Superboy has in "TT" is different than the one he has in Superboy 1?

Does "Wonder Girl" still have any connections to Wonder Woman?

Robert said...

I don't like change in general less so when it harkens to bad 90's memories for me. Bitterly disappointed to see both Nicola Soctt and Ravager disappear and would prefer Solstice to formless charcoal lady but it is what it is and the die has been cast. Very fond of Tim Drake but know nothing about the incoming team so despite my initial unfavorable impressions I'll be more than happy to eat my words and enjoy the book provided the art and story hold up. As you said this was an un-inked promo so it should look cleaner in final production. Good luck to you sir.

MadPowerBomber said...


Haha, yeah, I got pretty child-like stoked for the announcements of Voodoo, Grifter, and StormWatch. Mostly for StormWatch 'cause in my brain the idea of a UN sponsored superteam in the DCU put them immediately at odds against every other superteam out there. Though I don't think that's going to be how the book is approached.

My other favorites from WS are still in limbo as of yet. Was a big fan of the Kherans/Kherubim. Zealot, Majestic, Backlash and the like.

Ah, well!


steve said...


Bart is definitely more indispensable than Gar, good call.

Still there is a way to have two jokesters on a team. Pit them against each other! Sort of like the Prestige but instead of magicians have two smart mouths competing for the same girl.

That is my two cents, I'm sure Scott has some wonderful ideas up his sleeve.

Brett said...


Not really sure.


Yes there is a reason.

I don't know.


Sorry. Actually no I'm not;)


I'm sure some other WS characters will appear;)


Well since Gar is basically a white guy who's green we wanted less white and more diversity. Plus he's been on the team since forever, time for a bit of a break:)



Allison said...

After the initial shock the costumes are growing on me. I love the starfield on Cassie's outfit.
This looks fun, and fun is something the Titans could use more of.
I'm a little questioning about Bart looking so bulky on the cover. He's always been smaller than Tim, and he looks so huge here.

heffison said...

I went over to Facebook to see the reactions to your N'rama interview. Yikes, there's some harsh people out there. I don't see how we can be so violently sure how good or bad the new designs are until we see them in use, anyway. Maybe DC will let out a page or two without dialog in the coming weeks, to help sell people on what you've come up with.

I'm a lot more worried about the characters inside the costumes. The Batman books make it sound like it's all the same people but they cured Bab's legs. The little bits DC has said about Teen Titans and Superboy make it sound like DC may be starting all over with new people using the old names. (Clearing up which route they're taking is pretty much going to determine if I'm buying books in September.) But it seems a shame that the creative teams are currently getting the brunt of fan rage/frustration/confusion caused by how the higher-ups have announced but not explained the re-launch.

werwoelfchen said...

After I read all this comments, I felt the urge to write one as well because I am a little annoyed.
I do not understand why people are always complaining whitout really knowing anything. I mean how you can today say, that you will never read a comic book only because you saw a preview cover and without seeing further of the art and reading the story. Brett, you really have my sympathy because you have to listen to all this complains all the time. :-(
I have to say again, I like your art and your design of the characters, especially Red Robin. :-) Although I would prefer if Red Robins wings would be only black and not red and black because it looks like a little bit to much red for me, but this is only my opinion and like I said in my last comment, I am really looking forward to reading the Teen Titans. :-)


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, Brett, that I've always been more a fan of how great a guy you are in interviews than I am of your art but the Titans image looks to be changing that. It might be one of the hottest things I have ever seen featuring the YJ group. It was mostly the art on the previous run that kept me from returning to the book after Henderson left but I had decided to buy this series even before I learned one of my all time favorite writers would be paired with you. If your finished art is as good as this promo piece you say you just threw together I am ready to be blown away!

Oh, and Superboy in that image? Yeah, he looks totally gay and if you knew me you'd know just how okay with me that is...

Dylan said...

First off I think you are like my new favorite artist. Your did a great job on SB and the rest of the team. And you seem like a really cool guy which helps.

I am not sure if you can answer this, but does this SB show up cause of doomsday killing superman like last time? Or did that never happen? If so can you give a hit to why he was made this time?

You New Fan,

Brett said...


Which cover or image in this case?

It sometimes takes a bit to get used to the character, especially if you just cam off another book. This image was done the day after I finished up JLA 57 so I was still in JLA mode a bit.


Yeah, I've stopped reading message boards for the moment. I'm hoping DC will either let me do a robin image with the cape/wings folded up or post one of the pages. Page 13 of issue 1 will do;)

I can't really comment on SB because it will give to much away. Some of the characters will be a bit different I'm sure, but others will be pretty much exactly the same.


I agree completely. I didn't really get the first Green Lantern tailer. But the second was fricken sweet. Just wait and things will become m ore clear.

I think it's the instant gratification people get now, want to see a movie that just came out, download it, want to hear a song, download it.

I have thought about putting more black on the wings/cape. It bothered me that Red Robin was mostly grey;)


Thanks! But I've always thought I sounded like a bumbling moron, good to know that's just me then;)

Its hard to make a guy good looking and stylish and straight. I think he's a bit more butch looking in the actual comic;)


Thanks for that, I really appreciate it!

I can't say how he shows up yet. Plus it would ruin the story! Trust me, it's cool. I would have been just as happy drawing SB as I am drawing Titans:)



Dylan said...

Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
No problem, and ya I guess it would ruin the story, but I will go ahead and trust you haha. That would have been cool to, they should have you draw for the new SB if the other artist leaves at some point :P.

Thanks again,

heffison said...

As for the "Superboy looks gay" thing (I think it's the deep v-neck on the shirt that does it), I did see a blog post last year that said Conner's current t-and-jeans outfit on the action figure made him look like "Kryptonian trade."

Heck, maybe the people drawing him are just picking up on something Conner hasn't discussed with Clark yet.

(Okay, I love the idea of Conner coming out, and Lex and Clark both pointing fingers at each other.)

tony said...

Oh please,SB is the most manly teen superhero DC has,there is no way he will even look less than that,and now that they are gonna do a more kicka$$ version of him,fat chance of seeing those dreams come true.

Allison said...

I meant the cover, not the promo image. I had just read an issue of Teen Titans, and Nicola Scott draws him so tiny it was just like "Wow that guy on the cover must've ATE Bart!"

Thanks for being good natured about all of this.

werwoelfchen said...

Ohh please, it does not mean if someone’s sexual attraction lies by the same gender that he can not be manly and strong. I mean look at Wiccan and Hulkling from the Young Avengers. They are really capable and strong heroes. Why have people so much prejudice? I feel like in kindergarden. If Superboy or Tim are homosexual why not, if not than not. I mean so long the story is good, I will buy the comics :-). (ok I would not mind to read about deep friendship between our favourite Superboy and Robin) Sadly if the art is mind-blowing and amazing and the story bad I would also buy the comics, like I did with the last Red Robin comics since Fabian Nicieza began to write the Red Robin comics. Nicieza’s writing was really bad, he wrote Tim like - I am the man without sins and I am so manly and all the ladies love me attitude - that was kind of annoying and in my opinion not the story that I would like to read, but Marcus Tos art was amazing so I had to buy it. But guys, we have all other preferences what we like to read, so there are definitive people who loved Nicieza’s writing.

Ahh I hope the story of the Teen Titans will be good, because your art, Brett, is truly amazing. I know I repeat myself but I think you did such a good job with the designs. I do not think Superboy looks gay or Bart’s costume is to busy, I love also Cassie’s and Red Robin's and I think that the fact that Robin looks like a little bit of the Robin of the YJ series will also attract new readers, because like I came, after I quit some years ago reading comics, back in the fandom because of the animated series. I had to invest so much time to read all the books, I missed, so that I think the DC reboot is really good for new readers, because all the characters will explained again from the first issue and you have not to buy so many old issues to understand why the character behave in the current issue and what his motive is.
I hope, they will allow you to post further pictures of the Teen Titans. I think than people will stop complaining and I really thank you that you answer all the questions, we fans ask you, even the not so friendly ones. ;--) I really looking forward to see more of your art and wish you a nice day. :-)


heffison said...

What seems funny to me is this whole "looks gay" thing is based on one of two pictures, and a stereotype. The outfit itself isn't somehow weird or inexplicable, and for a guy a physical as Superboy, something that doesn't cover and restrict the arms or shoulders makes perfect sense. I'd think a black "wife beater" would suit him.

I think this new design will work well for combat.

Besides, I'm gay and I wouldn't wear that, but I have done the "jeans and Conner Kent t-shirt" thing before. No wristband.

Oni said...

Werwoelfchen, just because some people don't like the idea of Kon or Tim being gay does not mean that they have anything against gay superheroes in general. I happen to love Hulkling, Wiccan, Midnighter, Apollo, Anole, Northstar, and plent yof other gay superheroes, and they can be right hard bastards when the situation calls for it. The problem is that these characters have had around two decades of life as distinctly straight characters, showing no romantic interest towards other males, showing definite romantic interest towards multiple female partners, and in some cases significant love affairs. I think it would be disrespectful to the characters and their history to say "you know Stephanie and Cassie? Total beards. No. If they make a new member of the team gay, that'd be fine by me, but the existing members should not be.

Also, Heffison, yes, gay people can, and do wear whatever they want, and there is some measure of stereotyping to saying that an outfit "looks gay." Granted. But still, there are a number of looks that a man might wear which project a certain style that is not traditionally "manly", and is typically only worn by gay men, or by metrosexuals. Whether accurate or not, that's the impression that it gives.

Robert said...

Now that more info has come out about Scott's intentions and direction for this title and I've gotten a chance to see a much more polished example of what to expect from Brett a lot of my concerns have been mitigated. Still kinda iffy on the new characters verses the old favorites but I'm feeling much more optimistic than I was a few days ago. Brett and Scott are both excited and it's hard not to share in that. Bring on September and we'll see what happens.

advent said...

FOR GOODNES SAKE, we're all joking! It's fat chance they'd make either (if any Titan) gay, they already have two titles with gay characters in them (Stormwatch and Batwoman), they don't want to push it.

Relax dude, you're characters are safe, and straight.

Also, you're speaking as if they are keeping the continuity (Which they aren't), and haven't you ever hear of the word bisexual?

heffison said...

N'rama has the Sept. solicits up with giganto versions of the artwork. The TT preview pic gets better as it gets bigger.

werwoelfchen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
werwoelfchen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
werwoelfchen said...

Hey Brett,

Since I read the interview of Scott Lobdell I am so excited and can not wait to read the book. The Teen Titans is in good hands with you two and like Scott said it would be not the best that we fans could decide what will happen in a comic, where would be the suprise and the exciting, surprising plot changes. So I am really looking forward to September and wait what will happen. I wish you good luck but I think the book will definitly something worth reading. ;-)

p.s.: oni, I think we should end our discussion,because everyone has another opinion and why discuss over things we have not to decide ^___- It will happen, what has to happen and we should wait and see and let he book suprise us with his story. ^_____-

Brett said...

Thanks guys,

The story for this is really excellent. At least give it a chance for that alone!

Oh, and thanks Heffison! What you said about me , Gale and Scott had me rolling!



Brett said...

And I spelled Gail's name wrong... stupid spell check!



Oni said...

Advent, I know it's highly unlikely that either of them would be made -actually- gay, but Superboy's outfit still gives that impression, whether intentional or not, accurate or not, which was the point I was originally making. Also, the break in continuity -is- the only reason I'm not buying the book, as it has a cast that looks solid, talent that looks solid, and I have little doubt that the story itself will be at least as good as what's come before it, but I just can't support a book that sacrifices decades of history. I have to -count- on it failing so that it'll be "Heroes Returned" in a few months' time along with the other rebooted concepts that just don't pan out. That's by no means a reflection of the talent or effort being put into the current title, which I'm sure would be well worth the purchase had they -advanced- the continuity, rather than rebooting it. With any luck, they'll let Brett and Scott continue on with the title, just reset back to its Summer '11 state and moving -forward- from there.

heffison said...

Oni, it doesn't help to wish failure on the artists and writers. Even if the book, or the whole relaunchbootthing, ends up with lower-than-before sales in November, DC isn't just going to pop back to what we have now. There may be a few attempts here and there to re-integrate some events or characters, and eventually there will be another Big Event that leaves a new continuity that might have some call-backs to current New Earth, but they won't just say "oops, sorry" and undo the whole thing.

I hope this goes well for Booth and Lobdell. Even if it turns out that this relaunch isn't for me, they and a lot of other creators are putting a great deal of love as well as sweat into this, and some readers will feel that this is their Golden Age of Comics. (Simone has suggested it's "The Bacon Age of Comics" on Twitter, but I'll only accept that if Conner comes through this all right.)

I'm still not convinced I'll be reading, though. It might be better for me to stop at Lemire's last issue and move on with a sense that Conner's story is complete, since I'd rather not start over with a new Superboy just popping out of the lab. DC doesn't want to tell as much as I'd want to know before diving in, but there's a whole Summer between now and then. We'll see.

tony said...

I cant wait to see the new SB heff,i know you might like lemires run,and yeah he did a good job storywise,but not characterwise.i want a SB with some spark in him that has been gone for awhile now.

Brett said...


You are seeing 'The Gay' were you want to, not were it is. SuperBoy is not gay, gloves and a muscle shirt don't make one gay. Get over it.

I can't really understand this all must be in continuity thing, why does it have to be this way? WHY? You can't enjoy something out of continuity? Do you not watch any of the Comic moves and TV shows because they aren't exactly like the source material?


I like the way Scott's going with SB, he won't be just a Clark clone, he'll be his own character:)


I think you'll like the new SB!



heffison said...

Brett said...

I can't really understand this all must be in continuity thing, why does it have to be this way? WHY? You can't enjoy something out of continuity? Do you not watch any of the Comic moves and TV shows because they aren't exactly like the source material?

I enjoy some things outside of continuity, and I wish DC would put out more Elseworlds projects. (Was the awesome Larfleeze Christmas Special actually in continuity?)

But there is a difference between having seven novels featuring seven different sword-wielding barbarian warriors, and a series of seven novels featuring Conan. Some folks prefer to follow one character.

If DC had announced three books, 1.) "Kon-El" featuring the current Conner Kent, no longer using the Superboy name, 2.) "Adventures of Superboy" featuring Clark as a teen, and 3.) "Superboy" starring a young cyborg who wears the "S" and tries to live up to what it means, I would put the Kon-El book on my pull list and probably check out an issue of Clark's book. It wouldn't occur to me to look at the third book unless I heard something about it that specifically got my attention.

I didn't buy comics for a while after Infinite Crisis, but once Conner came back, so did I. I get some other books when I go to the comics shop, but I make the drive for the character that used to be a surf brat, who lost his cocky attitude around the time he found out he had a really Evil dad, the Conner Kent who became the best friend Tim Drake ever had, who felt more human after seeing proof from Raven that he really had a soul, who fought off a Black Ring and who is recovering nicely from having been dead for a while.

Not all of that has to stay after the relaunch (I'm guessing no Ravers), but that is the guy I will follow through a costume change, a compressed timeline and just about anything else the DCnU can though at him.

But if the nU Superboy is a fresh clone just now popping out of the lab (and maybe threatening the Teen Titans at first?) then how is this the same guy, as opposed to DC staring over with a new Superboy who might take the name Conner Kent on down the line?

Not to say that might not be a great strategy for DC to sell Superboy and Teen Titans books to all the new readers, and many current ones as well. But that isn't my concern. I just want to know if the relaunched Teen Titans and Superboy books will be right for me, and I'm not in the market for a "different sword-wielding barbarian warrior." So I'm just trying to figure out if this Superboy will be the same guy or not.

I think what I'm looking for is character persistence, more than true story continuity. I've heard some encouraging things here and in interviews, but the actual solicits don't sound good at all. As I said above, there's a whole Summer to get through, so we'll see.

And either way, I have no doubt that the relaunched Teen Titans will be a quality book.

heffison said...

Okay, I've already spotted "through at him" that should be "throw at him" and "staring over" that should be "starting over." C'mon, Kids, how many more can you find?

tony said...

I think the teen titans and superboy book will have flashbacks to how SB was created and how the YJ4 met for the first time,then back to the present where SB is about as cool and fearless as the hawaii version,as mature as the hybrid small town kid,and as raw as the YJ show kid.i think we will get the best of all three versions.

Stay positive heff.

I just cant wait for preview pages or rough draft stuff for each book.

Bring on the TK.

Oni said...

Heffison, tell that to Marvel in 1997, when they "boldly" rebooted their core characters, and then just as "boldly" brought them all back when the fans did not react well to the change. I fully expect DC to backpedal on any of these rebooted concepts that don't pan out for them. I'm sure there will be some face-saving hand-waving involved, but it'll happen.

Brett, about Superboy, as I said, I don't really believe that he IS gay, I just don't think that his new outfit is appropriate for a character who -isn't-. I don't want this to be considered an attack against gay people, as I've said I have no issue with gay characters in comics and in fact champion books that include them, this is entirely an issue of matching the fashion to the character. I quite liked Superboy's most recent costume, for example, but don't think that it would be a suitable look for Robin, for any number of reasons.

As for the issue of continuity, as I said, if this were an "Ultimate DC" thing, in which this new Teen Titans book was happening parallel to the core DCU, then I'd be 120% fine with it. So long as the classic YJ/Titans I'd been reading were alive, well, and unmolested in the core DCU, then I would hapilly read the book you're putting out, and likely enjoy it. I was fine with the Young Justice book based on the new cartoon, for example, for that reason (though for the record I do wish that the YJ cartoon was more in line with the book).

But because your book is saying "you know those stories you enjoyed? They might never have happened to these guys, and they no longer count," I can't just sit back and enjoy it on its own merits. In it's creation, it is restroying something that I enjoy. In making it's own versions of Tim, Kon, Cassie, and Bart, it is saying that -my- Tim, Kon, Cassie, and Bart won't be having any more adventures until these new ones are destroyed. I'm sorry, but I can't go along with that.

Some recent issues have been downplaying the changes to the characters, but not enough. They've said that things like Blackest Night and Final Crisis "happened" in this new DCU, but I need confirmation that "World without Grown-Ups", and "Sins of Youth," and "Our Worlds at War," and all the other adventures of these characters happened too.

Things like calling Cassie a "mysterious thief" worry me, when I know she's meant to be a well known heroic Greek goddess, or when solicits talk about this team forming "for the first time" when they've been friends for at least 3-4 years of their own time.

All it would take to get me on board is a 100% unequivocal statement that "every issue you've read featuring these characters is included in their back-stories, and they are exactly the same characters in issue 1 that they are in the latest issue of Teen Titans, just a little bit later."

Also, about Superboy, Kon has NEVER been "just a Clark Clone", he's always had a very distinct personality from Clark's, far more impetuous, a bit more arrogant (although that's mellowed over the years), he's always been far more what a "normal" person would be with Superman's powers, rather than one raised in Kansas by the Best Parents Ever.

Also, Tony, the Titans did not meet Superboy in a lab, he'd been out of that lab for a while already when they met, and the team officially formed after he's already met Robin, when they and Impulse had to fight a villain named "Bedlam." You can read that story in the "JLA: World without Grown-Ups" trade.

tony said...

Dude i know all that,i have every book kon has been in at arms length at all times,i meant on the new revamped DC earth of course,duh.

I think his look,just like his tshirt and jeans is like iron munro's look,ive seen him wear things like that.

Also im pretty sure you have read the top of the page of this blog,it says to the effect of dont bitch on here,go bitch somewhere else.this is bretts personal blog, not a open forum for complaining,there is always the DCMB,CBR,BC boards for that.

heffison said...

Oni, I don't judge DC by what Marvel does. I do not see a full roll-back ever happening from this.

And I don't need to know that every single issue of every book Superboy appeared in still "happened." I don't think that is possible with a streamlined, time-compressed DCnU, which is what it looks like we're getting. And I don't need a complete list of what did and didn't happen on the first page of the #1 issues. (That would defeat the purpose of trying to be accessible to the new readers.)

But to me there's a big difference in having a character's past altered and (presumably) shortened due to a time glitch, and having a character wiped out to start a new one with the same name.

By the way:

"Also, about Superboy, Kon has NEVER been "just a Clark Clone", he's always had a very distinct personality from Clark's, far more impetuous, a bit more arrogant (although that's mellowed over the years), he's always been far more what a "normal" person would be with Superman's powers, rather than one raised in Kansas by the Best Parents Ever."

Yes. This is exactly why Conner Kent belongs in the DCU.

The YJ cartoon Superboy serves a different purpose, but I don't see him working nearly so well outside of that specific set-up.

Tim appears to come through this pretty much intact (although I can think of a few stories he might wish weren't sticking) and so far there's no reason to think Bart's been very much effected by this.
Charcoal Girl looks interesting, and even looks happy to be there. That's a good sign. Not sure about Bugg.

Oni said...

It doesn't need to all be in the first issue, since, as you say, new readers don't need to know, but they should post it somewhere, anywhere, for the long-term readers before September. We shouldn't have to guess what did or did not happen. It can be in an interview, or a blog, or on DC's page, or whatever, but they need to put up definitive timelines as to what did or did not happen leading up to the new #1s (and it better read "everything that was printed").

And yes, the YJ cartoon Superboy is a complete tool that drags that whole show down, I very much hope that NuSuperboy has nothing to do with him.

ilTassista Marino said...

>I have no interest in hearing about how you don't like the new designs on Teen Titans

I simply find all of them to be fantastic! there's even a Dantesque Arachne.

tony said...



Hey brett thought it would be cool to post RB Silva's rendition of current present day superboy here,its from his we just need to see how he draws the SB with the tat on his arm.