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Friday, February 10, 2012

Teen Titans 9 cover!

This is the cover to TT9. Complete with some Legion Lost guys and the big bad in charge of NOWHERE, Harvest (he's Dark Harvest in my plot so I'm not sure which they are going with.)

So who wants to complain about the design? 




Dylan said...


I can not wait to see this fight!!!

Why would they complain if they know that you are just gonna yell at them :P? Kidding

Way to go again! You have mad skills! lol

BluePrint said...

Looks like he's going to harvest(get it) some souls......Horrible pun,but the cover looks great you guys are doing a great job on Titans.

Dylan said... this the same harvest in Birds of Prey Vol 1:

Or a new one?

My guess is a new one since that last one was a girl I think. Did you know about this one?

Cause I liked that villain.

ilTassista Marino said...



M.O.R said...

Is this a new take on the character of Harvest, as seen in Birds of Prey? Maybe having a similar or different take on the character?

I'm interested to know.

Also, the original Harvest did not have wings, so are the wings some initial changes, or is he taking on aspects of his enemies, ie Robin's wing costume?

Interested to find out.

Thanks Brett for posting your work, I know you don't need to, but it is refreshing.

Belmonte said...

An amazing cover and a really scary villain. Great job with the cover and the bad guy dessing ^^

Brett said...

Nope, it's not the same Harvest. Honestly I didn't know DC had a character named that, names keep changing and I figured it would as well. He's Dark Harvest to me, so my mind went to an episode of Invader Zim called Dark Harvest, more organs means more human.

My first designs were of a larger more stout guy. But then they wanted to add in the scythe. So I changed directions. A character liked Harvest with that weapon calls to mind a look I guess. Since this is all about a culling I thought the Angel of Death look would work best. That's were the wings came in. They fold over his chest to form a winged cape.

One of the reasons I'm digging the new DC (except for no Wally.) Is that my complete lack of knowledge of the DCU doesn't cause a problem:) I only every read a few issues of BoP, and those were the first 2 of the DCnU. Once I got into the comics biz in 93, I pretty much stopped reading comics. I read the Flash for awhile in the mid 90's but didn't start reading comics again until I started working for DC.



steve said...

Wait Beast Boy is Red?

Dylan said...

Hmm, well I am sure to like this Harvest better! And OMG I love that episode of Invader Zim!

You a fan of Jhonen Vasquez (artist of the show) you should read his comics Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and its spin-off Squee!? they are great! (If not you should check them out)

You should also read more of the new run on BoP its a great comic.

Anyways, thanks for get back to me Brett. And as always great work!

Vince Norman said...

This new take on DC's characters is not my favorite. Having said that, I love Teen Titans. For the first time in years, the team actually ha a purpose other than just, "hanging out."
Brett Booth has been my favorite artist since I started following his work after Kindred, and it's amazing to see how he's progressed. The Titan's designs are solid, and in most cases, superior to what came before, (though I admit I miss the t-shirt and jeans Connor).
The rest of the universe can continue to circle the drain in my mind, but I'll keep reading Titans until Scott and Brett leave.
I'll stick around for the Shade too.