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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teen Titans Annual!

Teen Titans Annual #1! So a few weeks ago, I was asked to do this. It's the official starting point for the Legion Lost/Teen Titans/Superboy crossover. Its not a small undertaking, but I'm a fan of the old annuals that gave you a top notch story and art so I agreed. I'm hoping all the characters I have to draw don't kill me, cause there are a ton. Some are new, some are old favorites returning.




Fhiz said...

So is someone else doing that month's issue of Teen Titans, or do you just have that much more work to do?

Brett said...

Hi Fhiz,

Yeah, there will be a fill in for that month (and issue 8) the annual is 32 pages of art which I need to get done by mid march. So they pulled me off the regular series cause all the really big stuff happens in the Annual.

But I will be back for issue 10!



RonnieThunderbolts said...


Can you tell us if the costumes on the cover to issue 8 and the Annual are the team's new costumed status quo? They look cool, but I wondered, because I really like the Kid Flash and Red Robin costumes they were wearing before, and I was curious to see if they'd been replaced with the Superboy-esque designs they wear on those covers.

Brett said...

Hi Ronnie,

Just for the crossover, but they might be wearing what's left for a bit in 10. Cassie might be able to change her's back sooner though:)



RonnieThunderbolts said...

Thanks for the quick response. The book is a really fun read, and the breakout team book from the relaunch for me.

Belmonte said...

Amazing cover Brett!!!
I wish you good luck with the annual I'm sure it will be a success ^^
Thanks for reading and have a good day ^^

Dylan said...

So COOL! I love the idea of DC doing Annuals as a kinda Crossover event starting point. I can not wait to read this!!!!

I also hope there will be more Annuals for other titles to (like BoP :P).

Great job as always Brett. Love your work!!

Crow said...

Great work, I always love your stuff!

hehey said...

wow, and i thought the tron suit looked good on Superboy... it looks AMAZING on Red Robin.... i wish they would keep the Tron Suits for like, forever.

steve said...

Awesome, now if you can sneak in Backlash and Beast Boy I'm in geekboy heaven!


DS69 said...

Any chance of you selling this cover?

Brett said...

Thanks everyone!

Steve, you got your Beast Boy wish. He'll be in it. Except he's red now.


This one was inked on a blue line, we were in a rush. So I do have the pencils for this but Rob Hunter has the inks.



DS69 said...

Will you be selling the pencils (PLEASE) :)