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Monday, June 11, 2012

More DC character designs!

 They haven't said this guys name yet so I'll keep it quiet as well;)

And then Starr Sapphire:)




Jay Kay said...

The one guy I'm thinking is Crimson Avenger.

The Star Sapphire--is this for all the SS in general, or just for Fatality in GL: New Guardians?

Christopher G said...

Love the new design for Carol! That's featured on New Guardians #0 right? Nice to see her with a little more clothing this time. Very cool.

Brett said...


I can't say, but I did 4 versions of him, mostly it was the goggles. Funny thing is, I originally drew the rectangular lenses for the second version but I erased them.... I can be an idiot;)

That's Carol:)


Thanks! I made it a point to cover her from head to toe!



Cryostar1177 said...

Dood, that Carol is awesome, tell me there's a sketch of her you have to offer up. :) Love the armor version of her.

Matthew said...

Arrrggghhh. We're dying to know who this guy is. My money is on Terry Sloane.

Brett said...


I've already sold that sketch, but I might do another;)


The original Mr. Terrific?... Maybe. I just did another Earth 2 design this morning as well;)

Ivan did an awesome job on that cover didn't he? So cool to see the designs I do come to life!



Cryostar1177 said...

If you do, please let me know, I am very interested ( I think you have my email ). The new armor design is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, random but, will you be picking up TT again as their regular, or are you moving on to a new series?

Impulsiveboy3 said...

Could that me Terry Sloane/Mr. 8/Mr. Terrific or Doc Midnight on Earth 2