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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teen Titans 10 Preview!

I pulled it from here, but they say they got it from here.

It ships next week... or it arrive in stores next week...

Anywho, enjoy!


Fatboy73 said...

Sooooo how much bugging did it take to get Scott to do a dinosaur issue?
And did you do a happy dance? ;p

Brett said...

This was all Scott's idea, not mine. I think they were trying to be nice to me after I agreed to do that annual that I didn't really want to do. Originally this was supposed to take place in Warlords domain...

Nope, one of the problems when it comes to dinosaurs or anthros is that they just never come out right. At least not what I had in mind. All pages are like that a bit but it sort of hits me a bit harder when it's dinosaurs and anthros.

I think they only time I'd happy is is if I had total control which is impossible so I'd rather just avoid it.

And now that I've completely depressed you.....;P



Fatboy73 said...

That's not depressing, It's honest.
Seriously though, it's the true geniuses in their field that are never truly happy with their work.

The ones who pat themselves on the back thinking what they just did was brilliant, are the complacent ones who will never rise to greatness.

Aaaaaand that was my philosophy schtick for the day. You can find this amazing wisdom and more at: ;)

Carly said...

Just reading the newest issue of the Titans and wanted to drop by to comment - probably my absolute FAVORITE thing is how buff Cassie looks. She actually looks like she can, you know, lift heavy stuff and it strikes me every issue. Also, she just looks awesome. Thanks for drawing awesome Cassie!

Brett said...

Thanks Carly,

She wasn't supposed to be buff, but the first time I drew her she just didn't seem right normal. She needs to look powerful, like she can kick anyone's a$$ that she needs to;)