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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've been reading a lot lately about how evil we Atheists are. So I'm kind of curious. IF you've got the guts (I will not seek revenge upon you or anything as long as you are being civil) tell my what you think about we atheists and why (the why is important.) If you have any specific questions I'll answer them as simply as possible. This is sort of a sick experiment I want to see if what I've been reading is accurate.



Also some pretty pictures for you;)


Lord Nightwalker said...

Umm. I don't realy have a problem with Atheists. Or Most anyone else, for that matter. Regardless of race, color, creed, or religion..If you don't have an issue with me, I don't have an issue with you. Unless your a child molesting rapist or something.
Umm..Simply put, you don't mess with me, I have no reason to mess with you. Or something similar in nature.
This is probably not going to come off the way I mean it too. Sometimes I'm not very good at expressing my personal opinions without going into a lenghthy discussion about it and I want to keep this short so I don't overwhelm the blog.
So my apologizes if this isn't very clear or quite to the point I was trying to put forth.
Take care, take it easy.

Brett said...

I get you. I'm pretty much the same way. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone:)

Anonymous said...

What an unusual request. I guess I’m the wrong person to ask because I don’t think Atheists are particularly more evil than anyone else. I’m a Christian so I tend to think everyone is screwed up, and I spend most of my time trying to figure out how I can improve myself before pointing fingers at others. I think once I get a good look at the depravity in my own heart and realize how far I miss the mark it is hard for me to really condemn someone else for their own shortcomings. I think that is why I piss some people off, I figure everyone realizes they are at least a bit screwed up, but apparently some people are not either as intuitive or honest about the conditions of their own hearts and get upset if you suggest they have not achieved a level of perfection. As far as atheists go you are by far the easiest to talk to I’ve known.

I think it isn’t so much if you are imperfect or do something bad, that is a given, but as humans the real test is what we do after we realize we are imperfect.

All of us like sheep have gone astray,
Each of us has turned to his own way;
But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all
To fall on Him. Isaiah 53:6

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Atheists. In fact, for a time I was one. I don't believe in God and definitely don't support the church, of any kind. As a writer and someone that loves history, mainly Antiquity, I find it a joke that any modern religion can exist as half if not all of their beliefs, from the bible to all other books are just total rip-offs of ancient mythologies. I wonder if Homer and his fellows were around today, if they wouldn't just sue the churches of the world for plagiarism?

However, I began to see though that
Atheists too was a religion in its self as most Atheists love to talk about how they don't believe in any God and tend to be on the strange side of things (no offense Brett), coming together seeking out other Atheists and talking about their beliefs, or lack of.

I went though some tough times a few years back, and I consider my self a pretty hard person that can deal with just about anything. I however began to see something else, a new faith, not related to any church. I don't like putting a name to it, because once you do, then it becomes a religion, but simply, I believe in the Fates.
Call me a Pagan if you want or that I watch too much Star Wars ;) but I started to believe in a greater "force" to the universe that isn't related to God, church or any of that other crap that people tend to believe, or pretend to believe in these days.

People can and have the right to believe in what they want, but no one has the right to push their beliefs onto other, whether it is a church or an Atheists. And I have seen both do it. That is when I have problem with people then.

Anonymous said...

I like atheists. :) Of course, I only personally know two of them who aren't me, and most of the other people I know also like them. I suspect, however, that I actually know more atheists than I think I do, but their lack of belief is simply not something that comes up in conversation that often. I also suspect this is the case with a lot of people who assume atheists are all a certain kind of person. I know that MY default position is to assume people I meet believe in god unless I'm told otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a very religious person, but I am a spiritual person who believes in the existence of a Higher Power. I also believe that it is wrong to persecute someone for their religious beliefs, or lack there of. The Bible warns against judging your fellow man, so I don't see how these so-called Christians can feel justified in their behavior when they engage in activities that go directly against what the Bible teaches. Hey, believe what you will, who am I to judge?

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you a joke.

There was once a bunch of people lining up in different files, each heading toward their chosen religion. There were Catholics, Christians, Protestants and every type of believer you could possibly think of. However, some of these lines were pretty close to each other. Some people were waging war, because each religion had a problem with another one.

One person walked through the whole mess. No wars. No problems. The crowd stopped fighting and looked at this guy. Finally, someone asked, "Hey! What religion do you believe in?"
The individual said, "I'm an Athiest...thank god!"

Brett said...

Funny joke, but from what I've been hearing I'm surprised they all didn't get together and stone him;)


Anonymous said...

I think sometimes atheists are mistaken for condescending simply because they don't respect someone's beliefs. I'll be very honest: if you believe in something supernatural, I don't respect your beliefs. I respect your right to believe whatever you like, but that does not mean I have to respect WHAT you believe. I think it is often people mistaking these two for the same thing that leads people to think atheists condescending or disrespectful. I find there are a huge number of assumptions that people make about you based solely on your atheism.

Anonymous said...

Dawkins has written a number of books that are not "The God Delusion". Quite a number, actually, many, if not most, of which are very helpful in gaining a fuller understanding of the evolutionary process. "The God Delusion" was written in a specific tone and for a specific purpose, which is not the same tone or purpose as all his other works. "The Blind Watchmaker" is a classic in the field. I would also recommend Dan Dennett's "Darwin's Dangerous Idea".

Anonymous said...

Hey let's not forget Atheists are just as capable and just as frequently guilty of infighting as religious people. Religion doesn't cause people to fight, it is in our makeup to bicker and argue. I think it is the hypocrisy of people who claim to live by a higher standard and then are caught fighting over the trivial which is unsettling. Disagreeing is okay, it is part of how we learn and resolve issues, just don't let it become mean spirited or personal.

Also I think people misinterpet "Thou shall not judge" probably more than any other Bible passage. If they cared to read the whole verse they would see Christians are commanded to exercise moral discernment in all cases, they are to correct those who are doing wrong in a loving and direct manner only after practising self introspection to cleanse themselves first. The Bible is full of moral direction and how to judge people's actions without acting as the final judge and condemning people. Christians are commanded to comment on what is right and wrong, but not to pass sentence-that is God's job.

Brett said...

-theists too was a religion in its self as most Atheists love to talk about how they don't believe in any God and tend to be on the strange side of things (no offense Brett), coming together seeking out other Atheists and talking about their beliefs, or lack of.-

This was interesting to me. By this criteria, reading comic books and watching scifi and going to cons would be a religion to;) People like to gather and talk about things they have in common, it's a natural human trait:)

I agree with Muffinhunter. I respect your right to believe, I'll even defend your right. BUT I don't have to agree or respect it. Not knowing what Elizabeth believes I can't/won't comment on it, although I do have more respect for those who believe in a mother earth as opposed to an otherworldly God. We all did come from the Earth it is our 'Mother.'

-Hey let's not forget Atheists are just as capable and just as frequently guilty of infighting as religious people. Religion doesn't cause people to fight, it is in our makeup to bicker and argue.-

I believe this was argued for in South Park. Humans love to fight about things. If they can't fight about about big things they will fight about little things.

It' human nature to judge we do it all the time. When you meet someone new you imediatly sum then up. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but we all do it. Some are just more vocal about it;)



Anonymous said...

I also suggest reading Dawkin's "Climbing Mount Improbable" I thought it was very accessible and it has helped me tremendously understand the state of Evloutionist thought. I would balance it with something from Gould and how he presents punctuated equilibrium, but I think most of his stuff is in articles rather than books. I may not agree with their findings, but I at least like to know what I'm disagreeing with.

Warmaiden said...
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Warmaiden said...

Sure, comics and sci-fi is a religion too, in its own way. All of Christian beliefs pretty much comes from older mythologies and legends, so who isn't to say that in a thousand years that people will debate whether or not Superman or Batman were real people. Maybe the legend of George Washington will be as questioned and retold as King Arthur. Already people have formed religions based around the belief of "the Force" or follow the teachings of the Vulcans and warrior codes of the Klingons. To a lot of people these things aren't just stories or fiction, but follow the teachings and examples set forth by these stories, which only grow with time.

Brett said...

Personally I think fandom and religion are 2 different things. One is fun the other's not;) Just kidding.

Some might take offense to the thought that their religions is compared to a trekkie or trekker or whatever they are calling themselves right now. Remember these are TV shows/Movies based on fiction. We know they are not true in any way. Atheists beliefs are based off of facts and data while religious groups have unprovable/un-disprovable (I hope that makes sense) ancients texts. But every religion has to start somewhere:)

Morbius1313 said...

Wowza! lol.I have no issues with people unless they seem to be out to get me! or out to get humanity!!
But hear hear, this man can unite us all!! :)

Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough
Dr. Charles Billich...

A New Theory On
The Creation, Evolution And Responsibilities of God-Like Races.
It was an interesting read, and Then I found out this guys a plastic surgeon. :) lol.

Anonymous said...

This thing was going on round my head for quite a while, so I might as well just rant here...

From what I've seen, the discussions between religions and atheism are a huge piece of shit. On one side we have Dawkins, who is trying to be an authority in a field he knows nothing about, forgetting that a good scientist NEVER makes assumptions, and on the other side we have either priests or 'converted scientists' saying, more or less, 'Everything is too beautiful and too orderly to be a work of chaos', which is as much bullshit as Dawkins has to offer.

It's strange how the world is fixed about making people define themselves in the matters of God, religion and spirituality. I think it's a kind of mysticism taking over, when people no longer think, but chant, and when people no longer discuss matters, but force each other into thinking according to another's will.

Like, we don't even bother to define the term 'GOD'?

And Christians around here developed such a language that it either makes you drown in religious extasy if you're prone to that thing, or lob some molotov coctails as valid arguments in a language stripped of logic.

Ancient Greeks believed you can learn about the world by breaking it upo into variables, and then changing the values. Like this:

1. there are finite inanimate objects, for example a chair.
2. there are finite animate objects, for example a dog.
3. there is an infinite inanimate objects, for example the universe (or multiplicity of universes)
4. there could be an infinite animate objects.
5. if there existed an infinite, animate object, what it would be like?

They went on deriving the characteristics of such an object from a human, as the most developed organism. And having a formally enforced pantheon of gods didn't keep them from theorizing about a deity of such kind.

Today's world requires you to say YES OR NO. There are other choices, but they are not on the answer sheet. DO NOT THINK. DO YOU BELIEVE?

We don't know if God exists or not. We don't even know what is understood by the term God.
We don't know what the hell are we doing here on this world.

And we don't bother to find answers, just because we're busy with some stupid belief, or lack of it.

Brett said...

-forgetting that a good scientist NEVER makes assumptions-

Well, this is sort of a fuzzy area in some sciences. In Paleontology and Archeology, we have to infer based on available data. The fossil record is incomplete, and not everything fossilizes and then you have to be lucky enough to find said fossils. So you have to make educated guesses about certain things. It seems the current Paleontologists are following the more strict scientific method, which while good, is REALLY boring to read about. It takes ALL the fun out of learning. The thing that some don't understand is that science itself evolves. As we get more information old theories are rejected and new ones created. Some are based on older ideas that have found supporting evidence. Dawkins is making an educated guess based off his observations and the fossil/archeological/geological data. While I have not 'The God Delusion' I may at some point, my veiws are based completely on my observations and the fossil/archeological/geological data.

-Today's world requires you to say YES OR NO. There are other choices, but they are not on the answer sheet. DO NOT THINK. DO YOU BELIEVE?-

This has always been the case, are you one of us or one of them? (you can chant now;)) Humans are clannish, they like/need to be part of a group it's a herd mentality that's in our genes. It's how we survive. But since we live in such large groups now we still need to belong to a smaller 'special' group. They are out there you just have to know were to look:)

-We don't know if God exists or not. We don't even know what is understood by the term God.
We don't know what the hell are we doing here on this world.-

We are here to survive and produce the next generation, that's our base programming. We've managed to rewrite a bit so we can search for answers, read books, create art. Our futures our only limited by our current abilities.

A god is someone/something better/bigger than a normal human. That's about as simple as it gets;)