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Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Neanderthals

Went a bit crazy with the tattoos. No evidence they did that, but they might have colored their bodies with red ocher. And you can see my rambling on the side.

I may have to rename this one Heidelbergensis, since her rib cage is far to small. They were the ancestors of both Us and the Neanderthals. Also they were big, around 6 feet tall and built like superheroes.

Been doing some research into early humans and clothing, turns out humans didn't start wearing clothing until around 70,000 years ago. So one idea is that Neanderthals (who lived in cold climates were covered in fur/hair.




Cynical Nerd Rage said...

Hey Brett, James again sorry for hounding you site - just a big fan of your art.

I do art for tattoo shops around the country and wanted to show you this link -

Not me trolling for an art job. Just some stuff on old tattoos that was found. It seems that back then they did it more for medicinal purposes (so they think). To mark areas on the body where there was constant pain.

They also did very small tribal markings as well. Nothing like the picture, but hey, it looks cool so who cares. =-)


P.S. Not enough comic book style women with curves, ABSOLUTELY love the female image.

Brett said...

Hi James,

Sorry I missed the comment, was out of town. I'll check it out:)