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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ask me a question!

Wally's always been my favorite Flash, from Kid to Bolt. I've really been enjoying the Young Justice TV show he's on, I'm just hoping they start showing new ones soon:(
Anyways, years ago I had an "Ask Brett a question" thing going on the blog were you guys can ask me questions and I'd do my best to answer them (thus the letters in the image, I wasn't sure how to show email's in a pile;)) Since I won't have much new stuff I can show for a bit, I thought this might be a way to keep the blog going without art. This will only be for a bit, solicitations will eventually show what I'll be doing after JLA.

So ask away in the comments, or email me if want, my emails in my profile... I think.




Caine said...

Now that your not on contract (that I know of) would you consider a serious request for comissioning a professional piece of art (for something like a book or comic cover). This would not be a joke or be sold on ebay or anything.

A fan

Brett said...

Hi Caine,

Actually I am under contract with DC for the next 2 years so I can't do any outside work right now. Sorry.

Love the site, nice Cosplay outfits!



Fatboy73 said...

I have a question Brett.What's the situation with you and the comics industry?What happened to sour you so badly?

Caine said...

Do you have "ownership" of any of the wildstorm characters? I'm thinking that you are listed as a co-creator of Backlash but I'm wondering about others like the Chaser Unit from Wildcore.

If so will you be able to make comics about them ever again?


I'd be interested in knowing if you have any desire to produce a creator owned project.

steve said...

What is your favorite kind of pie?

David said...

Wally is my favorite Flash too. I have two questions for you. First, I was wondering if you ever sell the sketches that you post on here? Second, what is your opinion on them bringing Barry back and putting everyone else on the side?

yearofthetiger said...

Do you still plan on publishing an art book of your anthro drawings?

Brian said...

Besides Wally West, which others characters do you consider some of your favs at DC. Also have you approached anybody about putting together a book with those characters. you are one of my favorite artist in the industry and i am so glad that people are seeing the talent that i have been talking about for years. keep drawing and i will keep buying.