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Monday, April 16, 2012

Failed Red Robin redesign

Sometimes you think you got a winner but it still comes up short. It's no secret I wasn't for the wings on Red Robin they're OK, but I prefer a cape, WAY more fun to draw. After finally seeing all the other Bat characters I though he didn't quite fit in. Long story short, DC likes the wings so that's all she wrote:/




white eyed wonder said...

You should color it :-)

*secretly wants to make it my phones wallpaper *

white eyed wonder said...

You should color it :-)

*secretly wants to make it my phones wallpaper *

Roque said...

That mask is bad ass!!!

AlĂȘ said...

That design is awesome *_* I truly love it! I actually love it more the the current one. It fits lot better with the other bat-characters.

I,'m not a fan of the wings too...

Raul said...

Wow... this redesign is great too! What's up with DC right now? It's been bad choices after bad choices lately... At least this was closer to his preboot RR costume (which I miss greatly). I hate the Las Vegas showgirl wings they have up using now, especially when Young Justice will be introducing the bo-staff wielding Tim to younger generations.

Rob Fergus said...

I SO much prefer this look over the current design!

I love the visor!!