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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dino Dilemma

Here's my problem, I drew this after I was told by everyone that Megaraptor was indeed a carcharadontosaur. Well, the newest paper says it was a spinosaur but even the experts are basically saying it's just an arm, it could be either because it looks like both...

Sooooo... I wanted to do some comic like scenes fro the dino book. This would have been page 1 of a 5 page sequence showing Megaraptor fending off some Carnotaurs from a kill. I plan to space out a few of these 'stories' throughout the book. But should I just scrap this one?

On the Jezit front. One of the death threats came from 1800 Flowers. Well the woman who's account it was sent under was fired. It turns out her Husband sent it. Idiot. I feel bad for her for loosing her job but to send death threats over something so trivial... And the husband is blaming the people who told 18oo Flowers about the email threat! Dude, you crossed the line and screwed up, man up.


Anonymous said...

i say keep it. we can't be sure of the findings it can go either way. i think it's an amazing drawing and i can't wait to see the book.

as to the 1 800 flowers guy. dumbass! i guess people don't think these things can be traced.


Archexecutor said...

I don't think people are going to notice that much. My suggestion is to leave it as it is. No reason to scrap such good work :)

Anonymous said...

I say do it as you have it drawn. Even if it is not Megaraptor they are sure to discover some other new dinosaur which will fit the bill. I love dinos but I think you'd go crazy trying to fit artwork into the cutting edge of dinosaur thought. Plus most of those who track such things like the dino mailing list are the last people on the planet you want to direct your art towards. Do it for yourself and the fans.


Brett said...

Hi Guys,

I decided to change the Megaraptor to a Mapusaurus. Now my problem is the Carnotaurs. They have been re-dated too the late Cretaceous, and Mapusaurus is mid Cretaceous. Ugh...

Anonymous said...

your going to drive yourself crazy updating every time there is a new finding. i know you want to be as acurate as possible but that's just more reason to do another book.


Brett said...

Hi Frank,

Good point, but if you know anything about the dino geeks, you'll know that they are a picky group;) trust me I know because I'm one of them. If I can get it fairly accurate before I go further then I've only wasted a little bit of time:)

I guess I'll stick to the more standard dinos for the stories:)