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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happiest Moment Question

This is a tough one from Frank. To be honest I can't think of one singular moment that's the 'best.' I'm a 'Happiness is in the little things' kinda guy. I was really happy to get to work at Wildstorm. I was happy to get Jess. I was happy to get the Anita Blake license (two of them sort of blew up in my face (I won't say which two;)) Some of the happy moments aren't suitable for the blog;) Still other's I can't talk about in public.

I know the women will be saying, 'Of course it was when I proposed or when we got married.' But I was more nervous about the proposal part and the 'wedding' part was really just a formality and a cookout. Plus, I'm a guy and we really don't think the same way, trust me, we are way to gross for you;) If we actually told you what we were thinking about you would NEVER touch us again.

So I think I'll go with finding out about the 3rd printing of Anita Blake #1. Sure I've had books sell far more than the 60,000 copies but this was a book I picked to do well years before we even got to start it.




Anonymous said...

i know the feeling. i'd love to say when i proposed to my girlfriend but she was more excited than i was. i get excited by little things or things that turn my day around. i'll never forget the day my best friend gave me my first art adams creature from the black lagoon piece. i had a perma smile for a week. i just couldn't have been happier. thank you so much for sharing!


Brett said...

I had a pretty good day a few weeks ago, I got Psych season 2 AND Eureka season 2 on sale:) I was very happy about it:)

Anonymous said...

you know i've seen psych but i've never seen eureka. i keep hearing good things about it i may have to give it a netflix.