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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Qestion 2

Frank, Jess will answer your question, she's a better story teller than I am:)

Sorry this took so long, our power inverter died and we only had power during the generator running time. I got a new one yesterday so all is well:)

Next question:

'What do you do to get the creative mojo flowing?'

I'm assuming your talking about the art..right, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more;)

It sort of depends, it might be something as simple as watching a dinosaur special on TV or just getting the urge the draw some animal people. Sometimes I just think of something I think is cool and off I go to the drawing board. Mostly they are just done when I'm in the mood to do them, the other stuff, comics and commissions... Well that's totally different.

Basically I do them because we have to eat. Some times it turns out to be fun, usually I'm just trying to get to the end of the book. To get the comics done I have to get in the 'groove' popularized in the great Disney movie 'The Emperors' New Groove' it also called the 'zone' by athletes. It sort of a frame of mind. Basically I have to NOT think about anything else, I generally just let everything else sort of fall by the wayside for a bit to get stuff done.

I have also been told that if I'm depressed I don't do anything other than the work, I stop drawing anything new and creative. It's how Jess tells my moods;)

On another note, the remnants of hurricane Dolly plowed through the area this weekend. The weather idiot guy Doppler Dave said we'd get .25 inches of rain....we got over 2. Good job!

On another note entirely a recent fossil has come to light! Yes humans and dinosaurs did walk the Earth together, the Flintstones had it right! NOT! This is so totally a fake it's not even funny.... well actually it is, since it's so bad. Go here for more info here.



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