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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny Cartoon on Religion

Well, more like amusing. The big picture is pretty heavy handed but the little things are funny.

Found via SEB

I hurt my wrist from sleeping on it wrong (I just figured it out!) so typing hurts.

More sketches and commissions soon. Like later today when I scan them.




Michael Finn said...

Can't wait to see the commissions...I saw you were having trouble about the super-hero frame of mind. Do you have any War or Western commissions coming up? Love to see you on the Howling Commandos or Marvel's Western characters.
Michael Finn

Michael Finn said...

Hey, I went back and checked and I thought I remembered a Western commission by you but I don't remember seeing the Part 2 of it since it was titled Part 1. Can you put the whole enchilada on the blog -- it was one of my favorite pieces but I can't find the second half online. Love to see it. Michael Finn

Sobia Asgar said...

hey religion not for fun.