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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wonder Woman and Batman

I've been trying to get into gear and get these commissions done. But I was having problems getting back into the superhero mind frame so I decided to do a few sketches first so as not to screw up anyone's stuff.

Not sold on this version of WW's outfit. I thought it would be cool but I think it's a bit too complicated, all of it in the middle.

I purposely didn't go the Jim Lee route on Bats. While I'm a fan of Jim's work I think his Batman while really cool was a bit too bulky for me. So I slimmed him up a bit. Looking at it now, I think his head might be too big (I just fixed it but if it's still too big let me know)... but it was a quick sketch (about an hour) and the first time I've draw Batman (except for the Micheal Keaton one from the first Movie) since Highschool.




Baron said...

Hi Brett,

cool to see new Superhero art of you.

Looks wonderful, but i think the head of Batman is really a little bit too big.


Warmaiden said...

The Wonder Woman is great in my opinion. I love the cape/cloak idea you have going. Makes her seem very regal.

I'm not digging the Batman as much. Too thin and too musculature. Seems more like a fitting Nightwing pose, unless you mean this to be Dick Greyson Batman, since Bruce is dead - or trapped in time, something like that, so Dick has replaced him in the current comics.

I have a picture of Batman that you drew just a couple years ago, inked and pencil. He's sitting on top of a smiley gargoyle.

Anonymous said...

I love both the pictures. I don't think his head is too big. It's a little long but that's because of the costume ears. I don't like too much bulk so I love it. It's like Batman and Superman, everyone always draws them too muscle bound. I hate that!


DamonO said...

I especially like the Wonder Woman drawing. I know you're not keen on superheroes, but I sure do miss seeing you draw them.

Derek Ruiz said...

The Batman one is great especially since Dick Grayson (nightwing) is Batman now.

Derek Ruiz said...

This on typing paper or an art board?

Anonymous said...

I bet it's on bristol board or comic board. You can buy bristol board in art stores like "Hobby Lobby" and comic board paper at most high end comic stores. Typing paper (for me) never works out because if you erase on it, it tears too much.


Baron said...


have you more cool sketches like these? ;)