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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First actual pro dinosaur work!

This past summer I was contacted by Steve Brusatte on my other blog about doing a skull restoration for an actual paleontological paper, I jumped at the chance and after much back and forth I managed to cobble this bad boy together. The paper was released today so I can now post the image from the paper which I took from Theropoda because I'm lazy and the original is on the other machine;)

But I thought I'd post it to show everyone what paleontologists sometimes have to work with the stuff in white is the actual fossil, the grey what is thought to be the rest, educated guesswork based on related species and the black would be the candy... I mean skin coating;)

This, along with the cover I just finished and new Chuck, I'm in geek heaven this week:)




Ezequiel said...

Hopefuly, this will be the first of many contributions for scientific papers... and then, you may have the opportunity of meet some DinoGeek Palaeontologist who is looking for an artist to illustrate a dinobook...

best wishes Brett!!

Brett said...

Thanks Ezequiel,

Here's hoping!!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats! Looks nice.

Been out of the loop for a couple weeks, I caught strep throat and haven't done a darn thing online.


Brett said...

Thanks Steve,

I hate strep, take ALL the meds, you're now at a greater advantage to get it again this year. It sucks, I had it 3 times one year!