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Monday, January 18, 2010


Jess and I are big Monty Python fans, when we heard about Spamalot we both hoped it would be made into a DVD so we'd get a chance to see it. Alas this has not happened yet (at least I'm not aware of it happening, I check every 6 months or so.) Well I broke down and picked up the CD, which I finally got the other day (thanks you Post Office dilweeds! It shouldn't take 2 months to forward the damn thing and then you got the zip code wrong!!! No wonder no one uses you anymore.) I listened to it last night and really enjoyed it so I checked out Youtube and found some of the songs on there. Very funny:) Enjoy!



Spartan said...

Hey Brett! I didnt know you and Jess are fans of Monty Pyhtons! I want to go to the theather here to watch it:P. I hope you enjoyed it!

Brett said...

Damn you!;P

We can both quote THG and LoB and various skits. I quite enjoyed Live at the Hollywood Bowl myself, the songs are just fun.

I'm really enjoying the Spamalot CD. I'll listen to it again in a bit, once I get back to work;)



Adam "Pegasus316" Fullerton said...

Okay, I'm late to the game in replying to this post, I realize.

The soundtrack is great. The show is even better. :) I've kinda been hoping it'd come out on DVD, too. Still haven't heard anything about it, though. If I hear anything, I'll let'cha know. :)

By the way, I've only recently started working on colors for that piece again. Long story short, life kinda got in my way for a bit.

I'll send you a link when I finally have it finished up. :)

Brett said...

Hi Adam,

I actually got a bootleg of the original cast last week. Quite fun! It's not a great copy but it was nice to see the musical.

I totally understand, take your time!