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Monday, August 29, 2011

And yes ANOTHER Kid FLash design.

A bit to much like an X on his chest so into the dumpster! But it did give Jim and idea, so not completely useless!




Mark said...

Hmmm, very interesting take on the chest design. It seems so simple, yet has never been done. All the flashes have their logo in the center, not expanding from the sides to the center.

This does look a little like an X, and would be perfect if Bart ever joins the X-Men. But I wonder if a similar design could be done, with lightning bolts coming in from the side, that makes the traditional lightning bolt in the center of the chest using the negative space. Or maybe for a reverse flash.

What color did you imagine for this costume? What base color and what lightning color? I see black pants and black gloves.

Very cool. I find all these designs very interesting. And beautiful. Keep up the great work.

David said...

It felt odd not commenting on a post involving Bart, so....

I like it! Any of the designs with Bart's hair showing is crucial. Bart's hair has always been a huge part of his character.

I dig the final design, how the mask pushes his hair up into a wavy mohawk.

Anyway, great stuff as usual.

Krishanan said...

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