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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Teen Titans Designs!

The mysterious 'Charcoal Girl'. Not her actual name, but descriptive no? Last night the DCNu started with the release of JL1 and the conclusion of Flashpoint. I have to wait to get my comp copies from DC so I'm a bit bummed. But the rest of you don't have to! Head to you local comic shop or try the digital download thing at Comixology! I would do that myself, but I have limited bandwidth and have no idea how large those files are, so waiting it is!

On a side note Teen Titans #1 went to the printer last Friday, a week early!

And yes, those are my super ultra fancy inks! Now you know why I don't do it!

Have a Happy New 52!




Mark said...

Hey Brett,

Can't wait to find out more about Charcoal Girl. Looks very interesting.

When I download files on comixology they are anywhere between 17 and 22 MB of space. Hope it helps.

I just got an iPad because I wanted to switch to digital for this DCnU. I was worried about how many comics I could fit on my iPad, as it has limited storage. Turns out, 3200 comics. And with comixology you can delete comics you don't read and re-download them any time you want.

I'm getting Teen Titans in print and digital, though. I've got to support this book as best I can.

Brett said...

Hi Mark!

I think a lot of people will be surprised by Charcoal Girl, Scott and I have sworn each other to secrecy so you'll have to wait until issue 2 for the big reveal!

That's a lot of comics! And thanks for the info! We're give 300 a day, but after midnight we have unlimited downloads until 2 am. So I'll see if I can make it tonight!

I'm hoping you like the book! The whole new U was a bit of a shock when I heard about it but really exciting!



steve said...


I am so glad to see you so excited about a super hero project!

I'm going to have to make the hour drive to get a copy of Teen Titans, but it will be worth it.

So how many issues do you have in the can? What are you working on now. Any other covers we should know about?

Charcoal Girl, Mistress of the BBQ, I think she should get her own mini-series.


Titã said...

I wonder if "Charcoal Girl" is some character from the old DCU?

David said...


I cannot wait for the end of this month. Teen Titans is going to be excellent, I just know it. I understand Scott's point about creating characters whose powers have changed them so much that they can't necessarily "fit in" with normal society (Bug, Charcoal Girl), but how come the only two (seemingly, and, so far) characters like that are female? It'd be interesting to also get to see that perspective from a male side.

Also, I figured out why I like your art so much, Brett. You draw noses. And you don't draw them weird. Your noses look real, and that's awesome. Nice (nose)job.

- David

S said...

I had this crazy thought that perhaps charcoal girl is raven. guess we'll have to find out in issue 2

David said...

S...S, you're crazy.

That's a crazy thought.

Raven is obviously Bug.

Just you wait and see.

Brett said...

LOL! Your both wrong. Clearly she's Terra... just kidding!

Of course she could be Starfire's sister... or even some Wildstorm character... ;P



heffison said...

"Raven is obviously Bug."

Well, even after the reboot she is still named after a non-human living creature. So it's just a relaunch.

(Anyways, Raven is now that Lady Flashpoint who combined the timelines and will appearing in the corners of each nU book, right?)

The first glimpse we had of Charcoal Girl made her look pretty happy to be with the group. I hope she does turn out to be a "lighter" character. Not at "Hello, Megan" levels, but still.

M.O.R said...

@ David.

Okay, as an outsider, and not a part of the process, it's actually pretty easy to understand why they would make the females into one of those 'unable to fit in' types, as teenage females, in literary terms, are often depicted as being concerned with their appearance. There is a certain element of drama, and essentially a dearth of stories to be explored based on those possibilities.

With Charcoal girl, and this is all pontificating, she may be able to turn 'solid' as in take on a human form .

Bugg may not have that benefit, and so she may find hersself feeling 'secluded' from the others, who can actually masquerade with a secret identity.

Brett said...

Hey Mark,

So I was going to try and download JL1 and I can't find out if I need some sort of special program to open the darn thing.

Any idea?



Brett said...


I can't spoil who turns into what at the moment, but we were sort of stuck on who we could 'monsterize'. Wall was actually supposed to ALSO have another form but we scrapped those early one. We had already done CG and Bugg and they were big hits so they stayed scary.

heffison is actually pretty darn close with his idea on CG:)

But I think you'll be surprised as to who turns into what and why, and when and if they can turn back;)



Titã said...

So, CG does turn out to be a "lighter" character, like Heffison said, or CG already existed on the old DCU.

Brett, there are some design for the Wall?


Mark said...


If you bought JL1 through comixology, you may need a comixology program to view it. If you go to
on your desktop and sign in to your comixology account, you then click on the "my comics" tab and it will bring you to all the comics you've purchased. You can then read them by clicking on them.

The same would be true if you were trying to read the comic on your iphone or ipad, but instead of going to the above website, you would go to your comixology or dccomics app instead. Just click on the my comics button.

Also, if you sign in with your same account info, you can download any comics you've bought on your desktop/laptop/iphone/ipad, etc. You can download it on every device in your posession, and you only had to pay the once.

If you are accessing comixology from your desktop or laptop, it may require an initial download of the software for viewing the comic. I actually started buying these comics a year ago so its hard to remember if I had to download anything or not. If the above link doesn't work, go to, and click on the light grey area at the top of the page that says "comixology with guided view technology" it will direct you where you will read your comic, or if you need to download something, it should tell you then.

If you didn't get it from comixology I'm not sure, you may need a different program. But I'll check back later tonight to see how it's going.

Brett said...

Thanks Mark,

Don't bother, too difficult for me. I'm no longer tech savy, to old. Plus the site just isn't loading right for me. Half the time things are just spinning. :/

Oh, well, I'll have to wait for the comps:(

Thanks again!



Mark said...

Aw well. I guess things are twice as good when they are free anyway. If you ever want to try again send me a message and I'll try to help you through it.

EccentricLefty said...

Is it Miss Martian, who tries to help Superboy but gets captured and tortured? That'd be awfully sad :(