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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coolness! A feathered Heterodontosaur!

Just announced a new feathered dinosaur, this time it's NOT a theropod, or even a sauropod (the long necked kind brinched off from the meat eaters WAAAYYY back in the Triassic.) This time it's an Ornithischian, the line that leads to the duckbilled Hadrosaurs and the frilled Ceratopsians. If these turn out to be true feathers like the theropods, then that pushes the origin of feathers to the very first dinosaurs, before the 2 groups (Ornithischia and the Saurishia/aka meat eaters) split inthe triassic. Very cool, so this could mean that any dinosaur might have been feathered or feathered at some point in it life cycle. Read more here: Tianyulong confuciusi.

So cool!!!!! This image is of a Leptoceratops, not the same dinosaur but on the same branch, I just used it because it's an Ornithischian with feathers, I might have to redo it now that this new find shows feathers all over....




Nessie Knows said...


I def look forward to seeing the re work when you get down to it...been up playing Resident Evil 5, have to get my blowing up Zombie fix...have you or do you play anything, I know the dogs must keep you busy but figured I would ask.


PS Hows Jess?

Mountaineer_Elf said...

Darn right Resident Evil 5. :) That game is a BLAST if you play it with someone else. I've already gone through it three times trying to unlock stuff and we're not even close to everything.

We've unlocked everyones outfits though - through Missionaries and by finding all 30 of the BSAA emblems.

:) Hope you're having fun playing it Nestor!

How's the head Brett? Gettin better?


Brett said...

Hi Nestor,

I don't play ANY video games... they rot your brain.... just kidding. I just don't like them, I'd rather read or play with the dogs:) Jess is doing OK, we've both had this cold thing for the last few weeks, it's wiping me out!


The heads about the same, I think I'm sitting too close to the monitor. But I've learned the signals so I know when to get off the computer!