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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kevin is revealed!

See I said I had a name;P
Note, that's not the final version of the logo, it's the mock up. Just something to have fun with while I'm working for other people. More later when I get around to it!




Anonymous said...

Now you are just playing with my emotions! That is too cool. Must have full comic now!


Derek Ruiz said...

Yeah a full comic would be cool wouldn't it.


Baron said...

Jeeaah this must be an comic !!

It means fun, adventure, animals, and much more.

I think this will be one of your best Projects since Anita Blake.

I´ll cross my fingers. :O)


M.O.R said...

It looks really cool, but my problem with the title is that it seems a little "Kevin Smash" for my tastes, almost like "Don't make Kevin angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry".

Either that or "hero in a half shell".

I know it is for a mockup, but I hope you guys fix the font. It would be a shame for one simple item to take down the whole piece

Brett said...

Thanks everyone.

Eventually more will be relieved.


That's actually what I was going for. I know I'm not really known for funny stuff but Kevin is NOT a serious concept, it's supposed to be silly.



M.O.R said...

Now I feel stupid. :)

Ahh, well. Maybe the font could be more prehistoric, harking back to the cave paintings of the neanderthals. Maybe?

I can't really critique it though, since, as you say, it is for fun.