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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turkana boy

Done for color ref's for Kevin, the 'boy' part sounds racist, but that's how the specimen is referred to. A 10 to 13 year old Homo erectus boy found by lake Turkana in Kenya. Now due to their slightly smaller brain and a few other bone markers, we know that these guys, like other hominid species matures a bit faster than modern man. Thus the older appearance. I made him African looking in color as a sort of default as we're not sure if Homo erectus originated in Africa and then migrated out OR they are the descendants of Homo ergaster who left Africa a bit earlier. Since we humans don't preserve very well it's sort of hard to tell.

In the story, Kevin saves his life at one point and sort of became his hero so he dresses like him. Even though the Kevin of the Ape Men is fantasy, I like to ground some of it with reality, that why you learn something as well. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle;)




Anonymous said...

Looks good! Your coloring looks pretty nifty too.

Prehistoric Forest was kind of cheesy but the kids loved it. I'll send photos when I get them. My camera was full so we shot them on my friends.


Brett said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks, I might change the butt flap color, not sure. I have Jess and Andrew messing with colors as well, we're almost like a real studio;P

I wasn't expecting PF to be anything like good after I saw the pictures, but it's for the kids and at least you can get some scale to how large these things might have been... unless it was more similar to the ones in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, then at least you have an idea how big Godzilla might be;)