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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Wall!

I won't post Scott's drawing, I think he'd kill me if I did;) But he wanted it simple so we kept it that way.

These were the tweeks Jim made, I actually pulled the brick effect down even further to his right thigh. 



Breaking news! This character is now called Bunker. Do not panic! Duck and cover and all that!


David said...


I'm excited about Wall. I like his story, that he's a celebrated hero in his hometown. Everyone knows it's him, and they all love him for it. Neat.

Also, I'd pay to see Scott's drawing. :P I think you should just because he quit Twitter. As punishment.

StevenW said...

Have Bunker's powers been explained? He has some sort of energy exo-armor that Bunker can form into offensive weapons, right?