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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A more finished Wally West/Flash 3

As promised, another Wally West drawing. Again, this is NOT part of the the DCnU or Earth 2, just me having fun! Plus Andrew is going to color this so I can use it for the Twitter ID;)

Now go! Comic book stores need your monies! And Wally is awesome;)




BluePrint said...


TheGLCorps said...

You're the only DC employee that dares to mention Wally without quickly mentioning Barry afterwards. I appreciate that. Can't wait to see Andrew's colors.

Brian said...

Wally! Wally! Wally! Wally! Wally! Wally! Wally! Wally!

Best character in the history of superhero comics.

Brett said...

Thanks BluePrint!


Really? I hadn't noticed that, but I will certainly look for it now. There isn't some sort of mandate about it that I'm aware of:)


I agree!



Anthony said...

I like your Wally, but I loooove your Spider-Man. Shame you never got to draw that book way back when...

Man, if you could draw Avenger/FF Spider-Man today... I could totally see your visual humor meshing well with that character.

Sylton said...


Awesome artwork. Wally is easily my favorite comic character, but Backlash is top five. I miss that character and both his book and Wildcore. Not to mention Taboo and Crimson/Jet/Jodi (love them speedsters).

Anyway, keep drawing new Wally images. Best form of campaigning for the character's return that I can think of.


Matt aka Sylton (yes, this is from the Kheran form of Marc Slayton's last name)

Rogue said...

ok, now I hope there's a Titans backstory so you can draw all the Titans that were. Your Wally is amazing!!!

Brett said...


I've tried to get on Spidey in the past but with no luck. I tried again last year, but again they didn't have anything. I wanted to work for DC anyways, while Spidey is cool... Peter Parker... not so much.


I'll say I totally recognized that! (really I was wondering what the heck a Sylton was;)) BL might be resurrected in the new DCU, I don't know for sure. I've mentioned it to Scott, but he doesn't listen;) I always have a sof spot for BL and the gang:)

Post the image where ever you want!


Thanks! I don't think we'll be doing any original Titans story in TT, but they might do some in the other books. None of the originals are in ours so there isn't really any need... Not unless I can get one of the older ones to show up. I'm trying to get JL or Batgirl, but Nightwing would work... Scott has his plans I just don't know what they are. He's sort of like Golem that way;)

And yes he sometimes reads the comments here so give him a bit of a push;)



Bruno said...

"There isn't some sort of mandate about it that I'm aware of:)"

They must have forgotten to send you the memo. :P

Anyway, awesome pic. Love it.

S said...

great drawings, I do wish that you would continue drawing TT, it'll be a lost if DC lose you.

Brett said...


LOL! And thanks!


I'll be at DC for awhile. I still have to draw Wonder Woman, Nightwing, and a few others;)

James mentioned wanting to do another Starman/ Congorilla special as well and I'm always up for more Bill!