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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New 52! This week Batgirl!

This is one of those characters I'd love to draw at DC! I'm so happy they brought Barb back! Now I'm just hoping I'll get a chance to draw her! Her first issue ships today so go pick it up!

Sorry, hurt my neck this morning. So the new Wally picture will be coming in a bit later!




steve said...

Is this a cover?


BluePrint said...

Lovin the look of Batgirl. Hope you get to draw her in the future.

scruffy said...

is this just scanned? do you work digitally nowadays? Just curious...

Brett said...


Nope, just a sketch, it's What's your new favorite costume week at DC. Mine's Batgirl!


Me too! She's one of my favorites!


Yeah, I can't ink for shit, and the computer gives me a headache after awhile so it's 90's tech for me!



S said...

Please do a cover for batgirl. I'll definitely buy 2 of those.

Brett said...


Maybe one day, they have Adam Hughes doing covers for her right now, and I think it's some of his best stuff!

I'd actually like to draw the book for a bit. One character!!!!! Joy of Joys!



David said...

I agree that you should get the opportunity to draw her in the comic, but then I've said before that I think you should draw ALL comics.

This sketch is no exception to how f$*#ing fantastic your art is.

Brett said...

LOL! Thanks David, It's really appreciated!

Eventually I'll get a chance I'm sure:)



Rogue said...

WOW. Babs is all kinds of amazing here!!! Excelent work! Keep 'em coming...

M.O.R said...

Sweet work.