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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teen Titans Trailer!

Scott had this made, cool, yes!




steve said...

Yeah! That's what I'm talk'n about. Too cool.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty dang tight. Gripping music, fast paced, definitely got my attention and has me sold!

Kaden said...

Holy shit!!! LOVE IT! That was awesome...

Rogue said...

Looks so good!!! Can't wait for this!!!!

geogerus said...

Very cool add. They did a great job and I think the music is way better than the one on the regular DC add. Hope to see it on TV soon.

Brett said...

Glad everyone likes it! I doubt it will be on TV, but post it were ever you like!



heffison said...

The video might not be on TV, but Bleeding Cool is featuring it, and apparently linking to its own YouTube posting of the clip.

The ad does come off really well. Much better than the other nU trailers.

So Scott arranged this himself, not DC? Between this and Gail Simone raising the rabble on Twitter, sounds like they should drop the PR staff and let the writers take over publicity.

M.O.R said...

Really like this. Shows how much love you guys have for the book to say you are getting this kind of stuff done. Really cool.

Frank Campisano IV said...

Glad to see that "The Wall" is now Bunker. I'm indifferent to both names, but Bunker is definitely an improvement. Now if only we can do away with "Bugg"...

M.O.R said...

@ Frank Campisano IV

Why, does it 'bug' you?

(Dear God that joke was terrible).

Batman X said...

Buying this book, no doubt

Brett said...

I have heard that Bugg might get changed... I don't know if it was a joke or not... the new one was already taken so it might need to be rethought. I called her Araknus at first.

Batman X,

It's been printed! Saw the first copy on Friday, our editor Bobbie took a photo and showed it off.:)

Soon, my minions, soon;) Mwahahahahaha!