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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mapusaurus and some transitional fossils

Go here for the neat transitional fossil videos.

Just a note, there is another older whale fossil recently discovered called Indohyus. Go here for that.

This fellow is called Mapusaurus. It's a Carcharadontosaur from S. America. They found 7 individuals buried together in a group. I believe they top out at 45 feet. They were contemporaries with Argentinosaurus. I'm finishing up Frank 2 this week so posts will be sparse.




Mountaineer_Elf said...

Thanks for the vid and site! I'll definitely use it in the future.

Great Mapu as well! I'm excited to see more new theropod illustrations from the ones they're finding recently.

Anonymous said...

I've seen dinosaurs in other pictures that are colored in bright and hot tones. They look more exotic, but at the expense of plausibility.

This artwork uses cool, earthly tones. They look more...natural. I'm really interested in the individual 'facets' in this one's teeth.

The navy/black shade over the top adds plenty of contrast too.


Nessie Knows said...

Hope you are having fun with Frank, love what I see so far and still love your dinosaurs so please never stop on those.

Hope you had a good weekend.

- Nes

Brett said...


I just can't bring myself to do super bright colors on the big ones. Most large animals just aren't colored like that. What did you want to know about the teeth? Are you looking for info on the serrations?

Nes, glad you like the dinos:)Don't worry I don't plan on stopping anytime soon:)

Erin, I know they have another new big meant eater from S. America but that's all. I do get frustrated that it takes 6 years to get the info on these guys. Hell I knew about Mapusaurus in 2000. They didn't show us a skull until 2007. grrr.;)