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Friday, March 5, 2010

More Dinosaucers...

A new bad guy design of an Agustinia, I'm thinking of calling him Augustus or Caeser...

The awesomely named Tricero... I think I might push to change the name to Trike.

His anthro form.

I had to do the Bad guy, Genghis Rex. I wanted him to look a bit more 'primitive', thus the different stance.

That's all for now. We wait for colors and then see what Sony and Cookie Cutter says:)




Christopher said...

These are just sick :)

MuffinHunter said...

I'm glad this happened. :)

WolfAtHeart said...

I feel stupid, what are Dinosaucers?

Brett said...


Don't feel stupid, it was a bad cartoon from the 90's. I only saw a few episodes, it was really bad. I only barely remembered it when asked about it.



WolfAtHeart said...

Oh my...I just saw the opening theme on youtube. Yeah, I have to agree with you, it looks rather weird. Have you seen "Extreme Dinosaurs"? That one made up at least 67% of my childhood (the other 33% being eating, drinking, using the bathroom, school, breathing and blinking). Or "Dinozaurs"? That one was a little strange. They tried to combine anime with CG and it didn't turn out so well.

C said...

I loved Dinosaucers as a kid. You doing a revamp is really awesome news! These are amazing. Of course looking at it now its pretty goofy, but we were kids back then and if you liked dinos the n you were gonna watch anything with dinos in 'em.

Brett said...

Hi C (heh!)

The higher ups decided to not pursue this, so no more Dinosaucers. We are talking about doing something with dinosaur people, but it's just an idea right now.



KaiserLeomon said...

Why not also Anthrosaurus based Allo, Itchy (Ictiosaur), Brachio (Brachiosaur) Dimetro (Dimetrodon) Plessio (Plessiosaur) and an unpublished Dinosaucer "Fan Made" based on a Spinosaur?